Most Platoons have a presentation on Battlelog
I think we need a presentation for the BF3 Battlelog site stating our mandate.

Who we are/what we want ?

What players we’re looking for to add to our Team (example we do not want any fly by night types applying ) we are either getting too many unknowns applying for the Team or the Team is not communicating their recommendations to the Team.
We are always looking for more players but we can’t except people to the Team without the recommendation from current Team members.

Anyone applying to the Team without a recommendation should go to the main site and then apply through the email address.

Any indepth ideas would be greatly appreciated on the presentation. I have an idea but we wouldn’t be a Team if we used just one idea
This is NOT THE PRESENTATION just a general idea.


22 Responses to Presentation

  1. devney says:

    i like were you are going with it maybe adding details of so many meet ups with us before joining like 2 or 3 fridays

  2. jptyke says:

    I’m not sure what the presentation should be but maybe my experience of the clan so far will help?

    I came across the clan by chance, playing as randoms with EightyThor (sorry, don’t know anyone’s real names – fwiw I’m John but most people have called me JP for years), I think. He was possibly the best random squadmate I’d had at that point, we just seemed to compliment each other’s playing style well and formed a decent little team. I noticed the clan tag, asked him about it and joined up. Since then I’ve played with pretty much the entire platoon/clan and have found everyone to be friendly, supportive, fun and best of all determined to work as a squad/clan – Monday night’s squad death match with EightyThor, Dutchful and Spara being a great example, we cleaned up and even the fact that I had no working mic didn’t hold us back.

    The website and battlelog page are reasonably active and there are regular comments and updates from different people.

    It would be a shame for anyone who joined to experience something other than the atmosphere that currently exists whereby we play as a squad/clan for fun but we also play to win. It would also be a shame if newer members weren’t of the same mindset as the current members. I’m not sure how you guarantee that new members are of the same mindset, but maybe devney’s suggestion that people play a few nights with current members could help – kind of an induction process?

    In terms of helping with recruitment I’d love to recommend iHS to others but everyone I know plays CoD (the only reason we get CoD is because my son tends to play it and because it’s the game all our friends have). I’ve tried getting them into BF but it just doesn’t happen 😦

    This has probably been a useless ramble but I figured it might help to know the noob view 😀

    • thedutchful says:

      You pretty much said it here, we play for fun but also to win.
      Any potential members applying to join should send a email to iHS as before and should be tested by playing random matches or by strong recommendations.
      Applying by sending invites to the Battlelog should be excluded or redirected to the iHS site.
      (Or else you would create 2 different iHS teams…..)
      Also I would recommend to delete inactive members after a time period (1 or 2 months), most clans work this way.

      And it would be nice to see members active on the iHS main site and battlelog to keep it alive. 🙂

  3. EightyThor says:

    [Hands JP bribe prize money] Lol.

    I used to make new guys (and girls) play a squad rush or squad death match first with me and 2 other team mates before we decided.

    But recently I let team mates invite anyone. But I’m stopping that now. Like I have previously stated we’re not a competitive team but there’s nothing wrong with abit of structure and whatnot.

    At first I started the team just for fun, with founding members toog, muse, laney rohalient, darkflow and golden. But since then we have gained good players that are also good team players.

    But but but, I personally think we played better on Bad Company 2. I’m working on sorting some new things out.

    • thedutchful says:

      You are right about BFBC2 we played better on that game, After BF3 the spirit was lost but I
      think the potential is still there just need a solid base to work from with the team currently playing
      on BF3 this could be achived. just get rid of the trash and go! lol 😉

      We also need Anthony on this cause he’s the founder of iHS on battlelog so he’s also responsible for
      the admin, invites,presentation etc…..

  4. MKUC3 says:

    I think the idea of having them play with some of the members first is good. I don’t want some random mic rager on but at the same time I came on because Dutch made a forum post and I clicked on his profile and applied for iHS. I don’t know maybe some kind of test should work well.

  5. jptykes says:

    One of the things that always put me off joining clans was the requirement for k/d or w/l to be above a certain level. My feeling is that teamwork and playing the objective trumps both and while someone obviously needs to be able to make a reasonable number of kills per round, I’d rather have a teammate who goes 2-9 but gets the majority of m-comms or captures flags than someone who goes 14-3 but spends the whole match hiding away and playing purely to better their own stats.

    Having played with good pilots (mkcod) and drivers (spara and darkflow) tonight it made me wonder whether we should look to include a mention of specialist players?

  6. caini1 says:

    So far I Have pulled this out of all of your input which I thank you all very much For.We still need some input from other players I will give it until the Friday 15th March.

    We are a casual Team that play as a Team for fun but we also like to win. (its all about the FUN)
    We don’t really care about stats to much as long as u play as a Team member, and is able to communicate in game and on our sites
    We like players to tackle the objectives as a Team and to be mind full of what the team might need (Ammo Meds) and have a different specialization to the rest of your squad We don’t like people to site back some where miles away hoping some one walks into your vision, unless the game calls for this tactic (Lol…)

    It would also be beneficial for new applicants to join in a few matches to see if they fit into the Team or even if they like the Team because we don’t want new members playing a few games and then deciding they don’t like [iHS] and F ING OFF

    Any new applicants should apply first through [iHS]’s main site as we don’t want two separate Teams.[iHS] is a cross multiple games on the PS3 so Bf3 just being one of many. We do excepted new recruits that come with strong recommendations from current Team players.

    • jptykes says:

      The bit about camping – just played cq on Wake Island and we had all flags for ags building up a nice lead. Then they made a comeback. Everyone on the team worked hard to repel them but our lead was dropping alarmingly. One member of my squad lay on a rock the entire game contributing one kill and one death. No spotting, no soflam, no use. Once I was sure we’d got the game under control again I got a weapon with a flashlight, stood behind the camper and emptied a few clips into the air. Once I was sure he’d been seen I went back to playing the objective. He left soon after.

      Pretty shifty thing to do I guess but he was costing us the game. At least if he’d been getting kills he’d have been removing enemies from the game.


    • EightyThor says:

      To get more participation on discussions you’ll have to message everyone via PSN. Which from my experience is long.

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  8. EightyThor says:

    K/D has never been important to me I often die just just to spot people for the team lol.

    The simple and straight forward message is: iHS is a team, team being the keyword. That’s the reason you won’t see me use the term clan. People are interested in K/D I’d suggest they buy Killzone or MW lol.

    • caini1 says:

      I shall edit the clan part out and replace with Team, and I have messeaged every one via psn about tommorows Team meet and for them to have there say in this discussion

  9. jptykes says:

    I think Team does sound better than Clan. Team suggests working together towards a common goal, Clan doesn’t project the same imagery to me.

  10. BEGFM says:

    Hmmm, it’s a tough one, because you know the clan is really working when you get a below average player and you turn them in to a decent player.

    I personally don’t want to be part of a clan where I have to turn up on night X or when I see this person online i have to join their game. However I think all team members have a responsibility to contribute and help the clan develop.

    I think one of the ways to recruit is to ask you psn friends to give IHS a try, i.e. I bring a friend in to a match with Eightythor, Caini1 or a couple of clan buds. They send friend invites (after they are informed of who the random is) and monitor activity for a couple of weeks, you know send a few game invites to see if they join in when i am offline etc. Then after a couple of weeks if 2 or 3 clan members say “yeah” this person will fit in then we can offer clan membership.

    So in summary, we should all scout games to see if there are people we think can make it, see if you can get them as a psn friend and then do the above?

  11. dv8r1970 says:

    Over the period of time that I’ve been involved with 1916 and iHS the most striking difference between both teams is structure, which is why 1916 tend to always get the upper hand. I wouldn’t say 1916’s players are better, just better organised. As Dutch said we (iHS) play for fun but we like to win, 1916 think the same way. This is what 1916 has done. assign people to squads under a squad leader, the benefits of this are as they play together they get a better understanding of each other and will almost be able to second guess each others needs , only the squad leaders have voip set to team , squad members set theirs to squad, the benefits of which are squads can support each other better and you dont have 12 people all talking at once. Squad death match is the best platform to get squads to work as a unit and develop squad tactics. Some of you may have noticed with 1916 that if you find 1 person the other 3 are always close by. Make sure all squad members know who’s doing what eg support ,assualt and what specs they are using, specs are vital beacuse 2 people with sprint does not make you run twice as fast. There is much more benefits in what i’ve said above than what i can write here, the benefits would become very obvious if ye tried it. 1916 would be more than willing to help of course in squad death match and dedicated servers would make this game so much better but untill then YOU’LL NEVER BEAT THE IRISH (lol)

    many regards


    • thedutchful says:

      My problem in this that i’ll work around 60 til 70 hours a week and once in the 4 weeks also the weekend, I don’t know how many times you guys practice but this will be more than once a week.
      (i hope to be on more but my wife is also pregnant so this keeps me busy at the moment)

      To aqcuire a squad equivalent to 1916 you need at least commited players, iHS needs to work on that.
      I would describe iHS more like a bunch of friends playing games, joining and leaving as they please.

      But iHS is progressing and has some skilled players, if the tactics you mentioned are used….the Irish will be beaten in the end…lol

    • caini1 says:

      This is a good idea but I do see a problem with the designated squads, it would be really hard to accomplish with [iHS] as the Team only play casually the chances of your designated squad being online at the same time as you is like 000000000.001% Lol maybe not that bad. The VOIP is a really good idea under match or Team meet circumstances just the Team Leaders have Team VOIP activated and the rest of your squad has squad VOIP activated.
      On a personal note dv8r1970 I had nightmares about a F***ING UAV attacking me over and over again LOL…….>_<

  12. dv8r1970 says:

    A platoon/team has to be interchangeable and fluid eg if you arrange a team meet once a month find a nice quite server for yourselves you would be very surprised how quick ye will learn from each other just by hammering the living snot out of each other. OH and caini I think I must have hit you 1 to many times on the head coz it wasn’t a F***ING UAV it was a F***ING MAV . What I’m saying is that iHS has some great potential just tap into it…. oh and just a little smart ass dig at ye if GBc are getting a bit to tough for ye , you can always do what some British Generals used to do SEND IN THE IRISH hahaha sorry couldnt resist lol

  13. El1das says:

    This is good thinking. Keep it up, it will be greate.

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