Random Interviews with Team members.

Most likely to command pyramids be built in his honor.

Most likely to eat your Mudkips?!

Most likely to beat you in the head till you got detacthed retina’s for touching his Helghast Edition KZ3.

Most likely to be say something space related that makes you go… “What?!” – The effects of weed.

Most likely to be found hanging with Cookie Monster and Big Bird.

Most likelt to… to… be… Halient… or… I, I dunno…


4 Responses to Interviews

  1. allenxxl says:

    who is next???

  2. Fabe says:

    I dunno you know…This is one of the reasons I ask for email addresses… umm [Goes to the Great iHS Tree for guidance and wisdom] o_o

  3. gizmoboy23 says:

    hey me next gizmoboy23 ! well not gizmoboy23 itz DjFlaka ! son lol

  4. El1das says:

    Let’s do something like this on every member 🙂

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