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''TEAMWORK''means never having to take all the blame yourself. ''NEVER ARGUE WITH IDIOTS'' They drag u down to their level, then beat u with experience.

Grand Theft Auto Online


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Hit Squad [iHS] V [SRS] Swedish Ranger Squad

Ok then the match against Swedish Ranger Squad is for Wednesday 26th @22:00 BST 12v12 Conquest Please use battlelog to confirm as well as here. As always the picture is linked to [SRS] platoon page

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New Members UPDATED 12/09/12

WELCOME Uup4anarsekickin IKILLUMF M1KKOL Kenyanke  BUT I FORGOT TO ADD chew75 Please add them to your PSN or could the new members just add the current roster of players to there PSN thanks u will find the roster on the … Continue reading

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BF3 Team Nights confirmed

Please use Battlelog to keep up to date the picture is linked to Battlelog Ok our recent poll has been confirmed 17.86% said Wednesday and 23.21% said Friday these are  our highest choices so join in

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Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Gameplay Trailer OMG!!!!!!!!!!

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