First Impressions

Surprised that nobody has committed their first impressions of the BF4 beta to paper yet, these are my first impressions – let me know if you agree or disagree:

It may come as a surprise to most of you who know what I thought of BF3 that I am actually enjoying the BF4 beta, overall it is a positive improvement in my eyes. Whilst in BF3 various issues and my own poor reflexes led to me being constantly whipped by most other players in the beta I find that I have more time to react and my bullets tend to hit the target which can only be a good thing….

I find the gunplay to be a lot tighter and is reminiscent of BFBC2, less recoil and bullet spread being toned down along with the virtual elimination of suppression makes the whole experience much more enjoyable. Being able to move vertically in the maps and parachute from the roof of one building to another is a great idea. With the exception of the elevators at B there aren’t really any ‘choke’ points to speak of so you don’t really get bogged down – although there does appear to be more action on B than anywhere else, I suppose that is understandable though. Diving below water to avoid that pesky sniper is a godsend and being able to counteract a knife attack is a positive move too… maybe now I won’t get knifed so much.

I do feel that the SoS map is too big for 24 players as I do spend quite a lot of time travelling from flag to flag as not many players seem to realise that the vehicles are there for transport and not to just blast away at the skyscraper columns to force the collapse, which incidentally doesn’t really add anything to the gameplay on this particular map. I am hoping that the ‘event’ in other maps will be more of a game changer.

Unfortunately DICE have again opted for the linear flag placement but I am hoping that this will not be the case in all of the maps, not sure about the losing ammo if you drop a partially full clip – whilst being realistic was it really necessary to introduce this? If you are going to do this for infantry shouldn’t you do it for helicopters as well and force them to return to base to reload?

Disappointed at the overall level of unscripted destruction apart from shooting glass out you don’t appear to be able to do much else. Maybe this explains the introduction of the XM25 air burst grenade. Spotting is a total crapshoot and I still  find myself being one shot killed after emptying a clip into someone, but that’s probably my connection.

If EA/DICE keep the final release of the game similar to the beta and fix the few issues that are present at the moment then I shall be more than happy and will more than likely see you on the new battlefield. 🙂

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10 Responses to First Impressions

  1. sparadrap01 says:

    I’ve been to busy playing, I’m loving this game having gotten used to my preferred control setup. Still a bit rough with the land vehicles but sussed the chopper. Going to try the different button stick set ups some more see if I can chose better suited ones for me. I totally agree about the high rise lifts and parachuting has greatly improved . (No sudden death from lower jumps) I much prefer the building intact more fun game play and no misty effects from the dust. The assault class still has the superior weapons but if your not careful your soon out of ammo with like you said losing bullets in half full clips. Using the pp2000 has taught me to use every bullet in the clip. I think this will draw more people away from the assault and towards the support, having unlocked the bigger ammo box. That alone has got me some good streaks watching enemies run out of primary and mowing them down. As you can probably tell I’m sold.

  2. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Last night was a wash out… did anyone else have problems getting on?

    I had numerous problems with the matchmaking unable to find a server for me to join. First game I managed to get into the PS3 froze after 5 mins and needed a forced shutdown. Then more matchmaking problems. Second game I join froze before I even managed to spawn, forced shutdown wouldn’t work so had to switch off at mains…. not good. Game then had more problems with matchmaking…. eventually decided to delete the beta and redownload…. hopefully that will sort it out. If not….. grrrrrr

  3. I found the game a bitch initially, TOTALLY confused with the weapon selection and control, starting the Engineer with a PDW is a BITCH,

    However, that being said I am getting used to it and as Recon I am making a real impression with C4, if you cant have a tugs then leave C4 next to the lift doors and wait fot the ‘ping’, cheap shot I know but they keep coming back so they must be impressed lol.

    Still havent figured out this ‘Battlepack’ lark but it will probably come to me or I’ll Google it.

    Servers were a real pain yesterday although they were shut down today for ‘mods’, dont know yet if the ‘mods’ have also corrected issues with system ‘freezes’ both when loading and during a game.

    • oscarthegrouch71 says:

      I believe that the Battlepacks are packs of accessories and abilities that you can either unlock through playing the game and reaching certain ranks or you will be able to buy from EA when the game has been released. Similar to FIFA points for the FIFA series which allowed you to purchase bronze / silver / gold packs which could have rare players in them which you could then put in your FIFA team.

      A guy on youtube has done a video explaining it – although to me most of it was a clear as mud…

  4. thedutchful says:

    Not impressed when I first started the beta probable also due to the control setup and lag wich I encountered.
    Recon plays best for me at the moment, C4 has always has been a favorite 🙂
    But I’m positve about this game and it will be a worthy successor.
    Still don’t now if ill get it on ps3 first or wait till ps4……

  5. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Oh dear…. this is not looking good. Following a redownload and reinstall the problem persists. Managed to get into a match with Caini in which I couldn’t communicate with him and then the game crashed with black and white screen tearing, this happened twice more after being in the match no more than a few minutes. I believe that it is being caused by my PS3 randomly disconnecting from PSN which is weird….. none of the other games I have cause this to happen….

    Anybody else having similar problems or read of any solutions??

    It’s a real shame as I enjoy the game when I actually get to play it…. 😦

    • thedutchful says:

      I do have black screens after that i have to reset the PS3 and start up again…it is a beta so be ready to encounter problems 😉

  6. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Well after playing the game for over 6 hours I am hoping that the actual released game has more staying power than the beta map did. I found the whole thing a bit repetitive towards the end although maybe that’s to be expected…..

    Obliteration really is a crap game mode especially when you are with players who don’t play as a team and if you do end up with two sides that play as teams can you imagine what it is going to be like with 24 players all supporting each other whilst clustered around a single bomb??

    Really disappointed that EA have decided to go down the Premium route again…. starting to think maybe I won’t get it after all.

    Just as a matter of interest which console will you all ultimately end up playing the game on?? As that may well affect any decision I make…..

  7. thedutchful says:

    I’m getting it on the PS3 first as I’m not getting the PS4 this year…why? well you guys probable noticed that i’m not online that much lately and that’s because of my work.
    So will see where this ends…..

  8. EightyThor says:

    Ah was too busy to post my mini-review lol – I had it written in drafts then lost it.

    Well the finished game seems good, a bit buggy still and I feel as if not having a PS4 is somewhat a waste on this game.

    I’m impressed with the new weapons and environmental elements.

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