Rohalient’s message

Hey guys, its been awhile since I got together with some of you.. well most of you. I apologize for my absence mainly because I am a part of iHS and I haven’t been with you guys in so long. My reasons for being away is starting with school, I have been getting overtime and working hard on my team assignments and they don’t play and neither do I. Second, I haven’t been playing much PlayStation lately mainly because my personal friends have gotten me to play Xbox with them and we have been doing all kinds of gaming there. And lastly I have been caught up with this project I have been working on which will be going on 5 years now and it requires all my focus and attention to ensure it’s completion. But, I really miss the team and I will assure you I will be getting both the PS4 and Xbox one when they are next available! also if any of you guys play GTA V I have a crew that I would like to affiliate with iHS and here is the link: Feel free to join and tell iHS to join as well so we can branch this crew to the PS3! this crew is on both Xbox and Playstation.


About rohalient

I like to waste valuable time *_*
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One Response to Rohalient’s message

  1. thedutchful says:

    I’ll join in when i got GTAV lol…we all got our sociale life m8 so apologize accepted 🙂

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