BF4 Weapons: Assault Class


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11 Responses to BF4 Weapons: Assault Class

  1. devney says:

    Seen the full vid with all the attachments and stuff on mp1st looks insane the amount of combination and set ups thell be never mind either the specialisations thell be to

  2. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Looks a lot like BF3 to me 😦

    Dear God….. the number of options is ridiculous you would end up with an unlock tree the size of Alaska. I wish they would put as much effort into improving the gameplay as they do into all of the scopes and supressors – having said that Levolution does look interesting as a gameplay component.

    I shall give the beta a go and see where I go from there… once bitten twice shy as they say.

    • devney says:

      It’s defiantly gunna be more like bf3 as thats the gsme battlefield always was with the originals can’t see us seeing bad company for awhile unless it fills the spot moh has left

  3. jptykes says:

    My biggest worry is that the more attachments there are, the more likely it is that there will be some kind of ultimate weapon (thinking something like the M26 Dart or Shotgun with Frag ammo) that will unbalance the game for long periods until it’s patched out.

    I’m not suggesting that they should have only a handful of weapons with very little customisation because one thing I liked about BF3 was trying out each of the weapons to see which I liked best.

    I also think Bad Company is dead unfortunately.

    • jptykes says:

      BTW I never did find a weapon I really liked or that suited my playing style. I think it’s fair to say I was equally crap with them all 😀

    • EightyThor says:

      It’s no different with (for example) COD where you can attach alot of stuff to your gun.

      But I don’t think it’s too much I think it’s what BF3 was missing. I hope they bring the recoil down though…

      • devney says:

        Recoil will defiantly be gun specific but I did here they tweaked suppression do it’s more of a sway then just blurry screen much like sniper scope sway

  4. EightyThor says:

    I’m looking forward to this, gotta give these games a chance.
    A lot of people condemn a game before they have already played it.

    I’m expecting this to play exactly like BF3, as BF3 was an improvement on BC2, so I you know: If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

  5. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    EA and DICE have some work to do in order to convince me that BF4 is an improvement over BF3. As you know I wasn’t the biggest fan of BF3, if BF4 does play the same way as BF3 then I shall probably give it a miss, sorry to disagree with you Eighty but with regard to gunplay I feel that BC2 was streets ahead of BF3, but that’s just my opinion. If BC2 had the expansion packs and after support that BF3 did I think many more people would still be playing it…..

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