Updates and Info

Hope everyone’s good! — Just a little post in regards to posts, WP has changed a few thing in posts, like for example how you post YouTube clips.
To post videos from YT you now need to click on Add Media (in the top-right, when you are on the posting screen) then Insert from URL. WordPress does the rest now, you don’t have to manually select a video link.

Also for Polls (Lol @Dev). If you want to add a Poll, all you need to do is access the Admin CP (control panel. If you have permissions that is) the click on Feedbacks > Polls > Add New.
In there you can edit the width and appearance of said poll.

Categories and Tags. Label posts up guys, if it’s footage of (for example) Ridge Racer, there is a category Videos Game and a subcat Racing. A Tag would be Ridge Racer 19. That’s just an example though… ^_^

Admins and Editors (moderators) ought to check on these things from time to time by the way lol.


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2 Responses to Updates and Info

  1. EightyThor says:

    Also the site’s URL will probably be updated sometime this month, I think (If I remember correctly) the domain expires lol…

  2. thedutchful says:

    Haven’t been posting stuff lately, i’ll keep this in mind

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