Fish Friday’s & Battle Saturday’s

Short notice I know.

But I’m thinking: Black Ops 2 on Friday and Battlefield on Saturday.


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9 Responses to Fish Friday’s & Battle Saturday’s

  1. sparadrap01 says:

    I don’t think I’ll be able to swing both nights but god damn it ill try.

  2. brecklandwarrior says:

    Unfortunately some of us have to work for a living (well I have to be there) so I wont be there tonight – but tomorrow sounds good to me

  3. arthurkinnel says:

    yeah im on/ now (fri), maybe tomorrow aswell

  4. caini1 says:

    Slags lol I have been doing long long days so I have been f##ked when I get in so I have missed Friday obviously but depending on what time I get back might see u lot l8r. Currently in my Sainsbury’s van waiting for the time slot of 16:00 that is 2 f ing hours away ffs lol

  5. thedutchful says:

    My excuses for not showing up after your invite Fabe had a unexpected late visit so I went offline.

  6. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    I hope to be on tonight but have to say if BLOPS2 doesn’t start giving me something over the weekend it’s getting traded in Monday.

    I have a poor internet connection and I just get murdered in one on ones and that’s no fun…

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