I haven’t done a “Personal Review” since last year but I thought I’d jot a few things down here for you guys.

This time around, there is only one developer for MOH. [Thank god].
First I’ll note the classes and each class’ ability.
CA=Class ability. GT=Grenade type. W=Weapon class.

Sniper – More bullet drop than MOH, but less than BF3.
CA: Recon stance (Bipod).
GT: Proximity mine.
W: Sniper Rifle.

CA: Grenade Launcher
GT: Frag
W: Assault Rifles

CA: Ballistic Armour
GT: Remote Charge

Heavy Gunner
CA: Support
GT: Mini Frags

Point Man
CA: High Powered Ammunition
GT: Flashbang
W: Assault Rifle

Spec Ops
CA: Signal Scan – My personal favourite, allows you to see the enemies through objects for like 2 seconds. Found you!!
GT: Frag
W: Assault Rifle

*Note: I play with the ‘Battlefield’ button layout, yes, there is a Battlefield option lol.
So, a few thing I have noted, were things like, whilst you’re in prone position you have to be stationary to fire, you can’t scope and move like in BF3.

At first I was not impressed that the majority of the guns had scopes as the default gun setup, but then [using R2] it let me switch from scope to iron sights. Some guns have the ability to switch between both or obviously some are just set. I got some good/bad news for 320 fans: 1. The 320 barely has any drop so you don’t have to arch it like in BF3. 2. It doesn’t seem like the 320 kills instantly… From what I have seen.

Grenades. Oh grenades, they need cookin’ them grenades needa cookin’! Lol there is like a 5 second fuse time so, I would advice a 3 second cook time before you throw them [as Caini puts it] Pineapples.

The LMG muzzles overheat if used excessively, then there is a really quick cool down period. The heat up to Red, then yellow, then cool down. There is a nice Peak feature, which for the BF3 button layout is terrible, when behind a wall or box you hold Circle, allowing you to peak out from a corner making you a smaller target. But with the Battlefield button layout holding circle and trying to more the right analog is so awkward. Default is L2.

I tweeted MOH about this and they replied: “Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it!”
… So, yeah, let’s hope the change it to holding down L3 or even R3.

Squads and Fire teams.
You can set up your squad in the lobby, 4-6 players in a squad, but you’re in fire teams. So a squad of 4 splits into 2 teams of 2, 6 splits into 3 teams of 2. YOUR PARTNER IS YOUR LIFE LINE AND SUPPLIER! Lol. Basically they supply your ammo, and replenish your health. Whenever you need to restock or heal you just need to turn to your fire team-mate and hold square to ‘fix up’. Also secondary weapons have infinite ammo.

Last note for G18 fans, it’s awesome! Barely any recoil and it fires like the MP7 [Recon class].


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12 Responses to MOHW – PR

  1. sparadrap01 says:

    How do you switch to bf controls? I was for ever swinging my hatchet trying to get cover. Lol

  2. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Metacritic have the critics providing mostly ‘mixed’ reviews whilst the user reviews are a 50/50 positive/negative split.

    From my point of view:
    What’s the general gameplay like?
    Does the buddy system work?
    Are any of the problems gamebreaking?
    Does the VOIP work?
    Is it COD like in speed and intensity?
    How does it compare to BF3?
    Are the maps any good?
    How long does the average game last?
    Do people play PTFO or is it SQDM in every game mode?

    I’m still on the fence with this one and it’s starting to getting uncomfortable….. 😉

    • EightyThor says:

      Two patches sorted out afew things.

      It doesn’t feel like COD, the maps are medium to small. Movement wise it it’s like BF3, guns are good.

      The buddy system works, so far I haven’t been with a buddy that doesn’t play right. Smurfs do their job for once.

      VOIP needs a patch.

      It’s a good game, not better than BF3, but alot better than MOH 2010, MW3 and Homefront.

  3. jptykes says:

    What Oscar said! I can narrow my questions down to two though:
    Is it most like CoD or BF3 – in terms of map size AND gameplay? And,
    Is it worth buying? If so, at full price or pre-owned?

    • thedutchful says:

      What a slap in the face it was when I tried the multiplayer the first time.
      imo this game can’t be compared with BF3 maybe Homefront…
      It’s missing the charmes of BF and it’s not using the full potential of the
      Frost bite engine wich i was expecting…where is the destruction?????

      Gameplay goes fast but not like CoD…it’s a different engine so don’t compare it.
      Maps are not that big (the ones I played) and boring.
      Buddy system works but you need a reliable friend… i like the BF set-up.
      Voip works good,never knew Caini had such a sweet voice 🙂
      The game is a rip-off of already excisting shooters nothing new except the bud system.

      is it worth buying………….no, Borrow it from a friend to try it out or EA should release a demo!

      I wasted 60 euro’s, I think I even liked the first MoH more…lol

      Bring on Aftermath!

      • sparadrap01 says:

        I’ve only played about 5 rounds with randoms, was waiting till i saw one of you guys on to try it again.

        I got lost in the selection screen from the start.

        I take it you have to be different soldiers from different countries to use different guns having looked on the log???

        I bought this even with all the mixed reviews when i watched levelcapgamings review of whom i have, (had maybe) lots of faith in.

        Can we arrange a night to play as iHS so i can get help off you guys and make up my mind so in the worst case i get the most back for trade in please???

        I knew i would never replace my love for battlefield but really wanted some thing else so as not to get bored with my second wife BF3 (as if!!!)

  4. EightyThor says:

    Every time a new game comes out, everyone does the exact same thing. Compare. There’s no point doing that lol – MOH plays like MOH. Battlefield plays like Battlefield.
    A lot of people did the same thing when Battlefield 3 came out, comparing it to Bad Company 2 when they play different.

    No matter when anyone says you won’t know unless you try yourself.

  5. thedutchful says:

    Demo or release Beta on all platforms…this should be set as rule.
    As I spoke with others I will give this more time to see how it goes also need to complete the campaign.
    Do agree with you Fabe that comparing is pointless but with the many shooters being released this day this is unavoidable.

  6. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    I totally agree that comparisons are inevitable and that a demo or at the very least a beta should have been released on all platforms – this is just pennypinching on the part of the developers – although had they released a demo their sales would likely have been hit badly with all of the ‘mixed’ reviews knocking around.

    With regard to ‘comparing’ – I was asking how it compares to BF3 and COD in general gameplay mechanics not specifics. ie. any input lag, what is the destruction like (I get the impression it’s virtually non-existent), recoil models for weapons, how the game modes play out and which are your favoured modes, quality of graphics, any innovative aspects, etc.

    We all know that COD is very much a fast paced run ‘n’ gun type game, whilst BF is a slower paced more tactical experience (or was 😉 ). It seems as if MOHWF was a rush job for release before BLOPS2 and that it has suffered accordingly, as long as EA continue down this route with their franchises then I feel the FPS experience for the gamer will continue to be a hit and miss affair.

    I shudder to say this but I shall be switching my attention to BLOPS2 as my kids will probably be looking for me to get it for them anyway. If that turns out s**t then I can always read a book…..

    Grouch out….

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