MOHW First Impressions

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7 Responses to MOHW First Impressions

  1. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    His comments at about 1.10 seem to echo my thoughts of the buddy system – but I shall wait and see what you guys think of it all before deciding… 🙂

  2. caini1 says:

    Well I’m doing the campagn 1st as always and just about to start it so I will get back to u

  3. sparadrap01 says:

    ive got to wait til weds coming….. come on pay day hurry up!

  4. thedutchful says:

    Campaign is ok, but what happened with the muliplayer the graphics look horrible….played some games last night with Caini the gameplay is going fast but i’m really disappointed in the graphics. the buddy system is bullshit stick to the old format…..

    Gonna play some more this weekend maybe my opinion changes a bit but as far i can tell right now BF3 is supreme.

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