MOHW – Multiplayer Launch Gameplay


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6 Responses to MOHW – Multiplayer Launch Gameplay

  1. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    I think I will be holding off on this one until it hits the bargain bin towards the end of November and only get it then if it gets positive feedback. BF3 has a lot to answer for with me and has shaken any belief I had in developers and their ability to release a product that remotely works on day one.

    As for the buddy system, it sounds good on paper but in reality unless you can play with a friend is likely to lead to frustration. Particularly if like me you are a less than average ability player or are partnered with such a person. I can see it possibly leading to the better players not wanting to partner up with the less able…..

  2. thedutchful says:

    I’m already camping at the game store…….MoH,Black Ops 2,Assasins Creed 3…..just got Borderlands 2, RE6 and Dishonored….damn life is hard man lol

  3. brecklandwarrior says:

    still undecided myself, was waiting for Blackops 2 but have been seriously tempted. However, Oscar does raise some valid points.

  4. thedutchful says:

    Agree with you Fabe.

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