Global Killers matches coming up

There are 2 matches coming up, the first is just a bit of fun 4v4 SDM on friday the 1st 8pm GMT..
The second is 12v12 either conquest or rush on the 8th same time8pm the founder doesn’t mind which and we’ll be using our server.
here is the link to their platoon page on battle log

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13 Responses to Global Killers matches coming up

  1. sparadrap01 says:

    For the 4v4 me and dutch are all ready in just need 2 more please…..

  2. caini1 says:

    Nice 1 I’m there for them but have u got the time Right as we are in BST at the moment so it would make it a 21:00 start

  3. EightyThor says:

    If I can get back from work in time I’ll squad up.

  4. thedutchful says:

    Put me on reserve for the 12v12 next week.

  5. sparadrap01 says:

    8pm BST it is Sam.

  6. sparadrap01 says:

    Are 4 of us on tonight? Please let me know ASAP in case I need to cancel

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