eire vid on metro (vaevictas)


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5 Responses to eire vid on metro (vaevictas)

  1. John Pearson says:

    I want to be as good as him.

    • sparadrap01 says:

      not that good most his points were pick ups. but he kills well with the An94 going to test different set ups on it my self not used it since the patch all ready got my 500 kills before. If you watch he gets a lot of kills from the hip too.

  2. John Pearson says:

    I’m useless at hip firing and I think an over reliance on ads gets me killed by conceding the crucial first few shots to opponents in close quarters shoot outs.

  3. EightyThor says:

    This was a casual team versus a competitive team.

  4. caini1 says:

    I didn’t do as bad as I thought but we are all getting better imo, I have been useing the An94 after seeing this vid and it is a nice gun!!!!! 🙂

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