[iHS] V [EIRE] Team Ireland

27/04/12 Friday night @21:30 (GMT)

This has been confirmed so I will see u there


About caini1

''TEAMWORK''means never having to take all the blame yourself. ''NEVER ARGUE WITH IDIOTS'' They drag u down to their level, then beat u with experience.
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6 Responses to [iHS] V [EIRE] Team Ireland

  1. thedutchful says:

    Irish tags…..whoeehahaahaaa.

    Bring It On!!!

  2. sparadrap01 says:

    Fri might be difficult but I’ll see how I feel after work. Off sat so I’ll be on that night if anyone’s on loving Dev’s server at min think I’ve ranked up 3 times getting massive points on there in last few days.

  3. SiN says:

    I’m in guys.

    got my root canal surgery yesterday. so I’m in. heavily drugged and video games = FUN

  4. rohalient says:

    This is gonna be fun! i should be able to make just send me and invite also i wanted to let you guys know i can’t access battlelog for my PS3 account so that is why i do not have my [iHS]* tags 😦 so i guess im unknown/outcast -ed

  5. thedutchful says:

    Why can’t you login to Battlelog?

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