iHS Team talk – Battlelog vs iHS

Addition to Platoon presentation on Battlelog: We still need a expiration date of inactive members,
and battlelog needs to be fully synchronized with the “official” iHS team members list.

On batttlelog there are a few members wich haven’t been active for 1 or 2 months or more.
We got like 27 members but usually the same people show up at matches.

So I think one of us should send a message through PSN and Battlelog that if you want to remain in the team you should reply for a certain date the rest will be kicked and if you’re not a official member you should also apply for membership on the main site.

I would kick players after 2 months maybe with a warning but we are not a clan with all kind of rules but also not a team with whores.

This keeps the teamlist fresh and organized imo but feel free to leave comments….

Just something that keeps me busy at the moment don’t feel offended πŸ™‚


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13 Responses to iHS Team talk – Battlelog vs iHS

  1. caini1 says:

    I agree lets F##k them WHORES oops
    I ment to say lets get rid of them WHORES lol….

  2. SiN says:

    Well there are obvious players. Dv8r, BEGFM. I can kick them now

    • thedutchful says:

      There are more but i think it’s wise we put a date so people can response like 30 april, after that you will be kicked, and maybe ask if they still want to be a member or not.

      It would be good to synchronize the member list here with Battlelog.

      But I also need Fabe’s opinion in this…. πŸ™‚

  3. Golden says:

    Hopefully with this patch I should be a bit more active. I just never got into BF3 the same way as I did BC2

  4. EightyThor says:

    Authority-wise no one could kick Kris lol. But this is what I have said previously and it’s hard to sort things out when people don’t check the site. Or don’t put their clan tags on or play for 2 or 3 teams.

    I feel to remove everyone and get people to re-apply.

    • thedutchful says:

      I agree with you Fabe could be the best decision to sorten things out…..

      • EightyThor says:

        Ok I’m gonna remove everyone then re-add everyone on the team page later. Also everyone needs to have their clans tags on.

        News: Muse has his PS back. But no internet lol… So….

  5. jptykes says:

    Have we lost any members?

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