Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

Due to be released in October but will probably be pushed back. MOH 2010 was decent, so we’ll see if this ends up as Battlefield’s C Grade cousin again.


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19 Responses to Medal Of Honor: Warfighter

  1. XxSiNxX says:

    play for campaign

  2. caini1 says:

    I loved the game even with it’s flaws still have it

  3. thedutchful says:

    Like you guys always say…. Friggin awesome!

  4. devney says:

    loved the first one cant see why it was slated so much defo be getting this

  5. jptykes says:

    Never bothered with the last one. Not sure I will this time, unless it’s something pretty special.

  6. jptykes says:

    Might see if I can pick it up cheap at Game before they go bust. Heard they might not last until the end of the month yesterday :O

  7. Golden says:

    The campaign in the first one was one of the best SP campaigns I’ve played in an FPS. Yes, it was linear as hell, but the fact that it was based on actual true events (Operation Anaconda) is what made it special IMO.

    It was so good that it actually lead me to read the books Roberts Ridge and Not a Good Day to Die. Roberts Ridge focused on the soldiers that fought on the Shiakot Mountain trying to rescue the soldier that fell out of the Chinook, and Not a Good Day to Die is more of a general overview of the entire operation. Both very well recommended reading.

    Looking forward to the SP in Warfighter if they base it on true events again but as I’m not too interested in the MP it looks like this will be a rental only from me.

  8. EightyThor says:

    I bought back MOH today, recently read my old review I did when it was first released, made me wanna play it.

    Plus I can get trophies from Campaign lol

  9. jptykes says:

    Just picked it up on eBay. Brand new, £7.

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