Forward Operating Base (FOB) Battlelog

Request from dv8r (1916):

There is a platoon page set up on Battlelog so leaders or founders can organise games against each other its called ” forward operations base” .
Anybody interested in joining this platoon so he or she can arrange games for iHS?, it should be someone who’s playing frequently and checks the Battlelog.

Normally the Founder of iHS needs to sign up but also a senior member/leader can apply.

Also check out the Battlelog of iHS for more relevant information.


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6 Responses to Forward Operating Base (FOB) Battlelog

  1. jptykes says:

    I check Battlelog pretty much every day but I don’t really know anyone that well and I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as a senior member of the platoon.

    • thedutchful says:

      Doesn’t really matter that much if you interested and capable of arranging games it’s ok, i’ts all about having fun…..

  2. caini1 says:

    I took a look & it’s a really good idea by dv8r1970, but I don’t play enough really but if no one els puts them self forward I would do it as it would be sad to miss out on some KILLER clan battles HOOHA !!

    • thedutchful says:

      My problem is time….but like you said it would be sad to miss this maybe also a good way to polish the teamspirit.

      I’ll wait for further comments but if you want you can sign up.

  3. devney says:

    im check battlelog nearly evereyday only really get game time on a sunday wednesday and friday tho

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