BF3: Upcoming Patches and Tweaks

Read about them all on Battlelog.


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25 Responses to BF3: Upcoming Patches and Tweaks

  1. devney says:

    gotta be honest iv cant wait for this finally be able to run with the setups that make sense to me insteaqd of foregrip and suppresor on nearly everything

  2. XxSiNxX says:

    okay so Dutch posted on my battlefeed about iHS Platoon leaders. obviously Fabe will be one no question. but who else?

    • caini1 says:

      I have had an invite to join the Forward Operating Base on Battlelog so I have joined as no one else has volunteered we will see how it goes but does any one else want to join so I am not the only one trying to sort out some matches for us. Any way the answer to you’re question m8 ME!!!!!!!!

    • devney says:

      as well as platoon leaders i think we need to split into a few squads as well so we can get tighter as a unit

  3. jptykes says:

    If I read that right the pp19 is getting a buff not a nerf. Love it!

  4. thedutchful says:

    @Anthony Count me in m8.
    @Caini1 If FOB allows more than one member i will join.

    The list of patches is impressive been waiting for this.

    • caini1 says:

      @Ducthy I will look into it Dutchy but I would not of thought so because they only really want founders of the platoon so I might be kicked out of FOB As XxSiNxX is now inroled but I will get back to you

  5. caini1 says:

    NEW THEME LOOKS SLICK Good games everyone and good to see some old faces hope this does become more of a regular thing. As iHS is doing a spring clean of inactivety it could be a good time to replenish the ranks suggestions

    • devney says:

      yeah last night was great even tho i was a bit under par lol
      un this new layout looks great
      you get many more games in last nyt after i left

    • thedutchful says:

      New theme is very slick indeed, a lot of fun again last night, with FOB we will have more matches against other squads.

  6. jptykes says:

    Like the new theme, very sleek.

  7. XxSiNxX says:

    well obviously me, and James (DeMoN) and now Allen is back.

    • thedutchful says:

      I’m active, already deleted Energy and Lucent.
      Inactice players or players who didn’t excepted my friends requests or replying to messages:
      Muse (defect tv?), Rohalient,Rodman,Quansters,wicked rocker, allenxxl (Sin said he’s back…),
      Also missed Golden for a while but he was playing last night 🙂

      @Fabe Did you gave Anthony Admin rights?

  8. XxSiNxX says:

    thanks to Sam and his “motivation” I will try to be on Battlelog a lot more. For organization or Clan matches and such.

    @Dutch when I sign in it takes me to the iHS admin page (or whatever you call it) but it doesnt show my name up there with You, Fabe, Goldy, and Sam. or course I’m still really cloudy on the Posting stuff.

  9. darkflow89 says:

    I’m active too.

  10. EightyThor says:

    Sam is an Admin. Ant is an author.

    Muse should be back soon.

  11. Sparadrap says:

    I’m allways active. Think I may have a problem I try to avoid eye contact with my online Hrs.

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