EuroGamer Expo 2012


Tickets will be available Feburary 23rd. The actual expo is in September.


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Sup bruh!
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8 Responses to EuroGamer Expo 2012

  1. caini1 says:

    Thinking about it but how much do they cost m8

  2. Sparadrap says:

    £8 full day if you book now

  3. darkflow89 says:

    Woop! I’m going for two days this year.

  4. thedutchful says:

    This shit is to far from my house…..Amsterdam would be a better place!

  5. EightyThor says:

    I was gonna get tickets but my friend hooked me up. He’s a Virgin Media customer so he get’s a discount. Got me Friday and Saturday tickets.


  6. darkflow89 says:

    I got early access tickets for £6 – virgin media customer ^_^

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