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15 Responses to Karkand

  1. EightyThor says:

    Recently took a Saints Row: The Third break but, I will be back on BF3 very soon. Bring it!!

  2. XxSiNxX says:

    I cannot wait for this DLC. Strike at Karkand was amazing on BF2. good to go back.

  3. caini1 says:

    Destruction nuff said, can’t wait for the new DLC Strike @ Karkand does any one know a specific date. Do we all get it at the same time or do the Yanks get it first again.

  4. XxSiNxX says:

    hey don’t hate! I told you we have nuclear missiles on our side. threaten ppl and you’ll get shit done…sarcasm

    even though that’s totally true. I think all PSN get it at the same time cause otherwise it wouldnt be a week headstart. than one country would have a week and x amount of days. Dice is pretty good about releasing DLC at the same time. we will probably get it same day. the only reason why we got it the 25th was because it was releasing on all platforms at once. for 1 week early its only on PS3.

  5. devney says:

    guess with all tha destruction wont be hinding behind the contaners at the second checkpoint like i use to

  6. thedutchful says:

    Looks great, What kind of machine gun are they using in the beginning of the vid with the dual drum magazines…..

    Also new feature with Back to Karkand DLC in December: Assignments!

    Assignments are a set of tasks that players have to complete in order to unlock one of the ten new weapons in Back to Karkand.

    I also got a spare code for the PSN store you will get 30% discount on Assasins Creed 2 and Brotherhood.

    Anyone interested?????

  7. jptykes says:

    Can’t wait. My money’s on 13th for release date.

  8. devney says:

    jus seen on the bf3 blog that the sa80 is gunna be an unlock

  9. darkflow89 says:

    Yay! It looks good 🙂

  10. jptykes says:

    Can’t be 18th as psn gets it a week before xbl and they won’t want to release on Xmas day surely?

  11. caini1 says:

    jptykes You would of been right if PS3 Didn’t get it a week early.The expansion will release on Tuesday December 6 for Playstation 3 users, with PC and Xbox 360 users receiving the pack one week later on December 13.

  12. jptykes says:

    4 days and counting /

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