So Many

So many games this time of year what are your thoughts on them.

Skyrim I have only played a little of this game like about 3 Hours but lets just say I am not to taken with it the game play seems a bit hit and miss for me but I have only played for a few hours.. (Please let me know if it does get better)

MW3 now I thought the campaign was really good a bit short about 4-5 hours but it is really good how they have evolved the story from MW2 into this edition haven’t yet played the true multiplayer properly but you can guess how it plays but I will get back to you.

Batman Arkham City this is a must for you Super Hero fans I have completed the Batman story now I only have the  Cat woman story & the Riddler’s challenges left I cant recommend this game enough.

Assassins Creed Revelations I got this yesterday and I could not put it down if you liked the previous games you will love this I mean you can make your own explosives (Grenades, tripwires, sticky bombs and many more) and the graphics do seem better I mean if you stand still you can see the shadows of the buildings change with the time of day (sweet)

BF3 Has been covered but I cant wait for the new Maps will it be November or December as we get it one week early for PS3.

Sorry I haven’t been too active on this game. They do need to improve on the squad loading screen & we need to improve our squad play.


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''TEAMWORK''means never having to take all the blame yourself. ''NEVER ARGUE WITH IDIOTS'' They drag u down to their level, then beat u with experience.
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7 Responses to So Many

  1. caini1 says:

    I forgot to mention if u do get Assassins Creed Revelations Get the special edition for an extra £5 or so you will get the original game Assassins Creed on the same disk and that has now completed my collection of the series sweet 🙂

  2. devney says:

    i traded batman in for skyrim just wasnt my thing buh skyrim is awesome especially now iv joined the dark brotherhood and thieves guild you can jus get lost in there for hours

    ill probably pick assassins creed up wen it drops in price as im still finshing brotherhood

  3. darkflow89 says:

    I really like Skyrim ^_^. I would be playing it for months to come. AC Revelations is next on my list. I really enjoyed The second one and Brotherhood. 🙂

  4. thedutchful says:

    Skyrim is on my wishlist but as with Fall Out I probable won’t finish it.

    MW3 Campaign is great, one of the best i have played so far. multiplayer is the same as the others only difference in perks etc, special ops is really cool to play as co-op.

    Batman Arkham City looks great but I’ll skip it for now..

    Assasins Creed Revelations is a Must Have I got the animus edition still packed and well (no time to play)

    BF3=nuff said,played the most and one of the favorites

  5. XxSiNxX says:

    I beat Revelations last night. 2 words. TOTAL MINDFUCK. Answered my questions but inevitably gave me the same number of questions as before….damn you Ubisoft!!! Plus the multiplayer is killer. much better than AC:BH

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