The Official Battlefield 3 Discussion Thread

Since the ‘Battlefield 3 – Your Thoughts‘ post is so successful I thought it deserved a rename and a better title.


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48 Responses to The Official Battlefield 3 Discussion Thread

  1. caini1 says:

    So far so good I can’t fault much other than The rubber banding/LAG on the first multiplayer I played but it has not happened since they done some kinder fix, the campaign was on the money I loved it I have got to try the co op nxt but I have only played with a few of the team & its been Great cant wait to play When iHS has a full house, a complete team of 12 against some other insignificant 12 we will give them a new meaning as they might as well just piss into the wind as we will hand them there arse’s whoa!!! I could go on but I wont But I Love the Base jump how low do u dare pull…….

    • Sparadrap says:

      Yes the lag was there for first few days but it stopped for me when they did their first fixes. But I do feel some times that the opposition are a few seconds in front. I.e walk up he’s crouched open fire from 2m and he turns BANG! I’m dead he has 100% life.

  2. thedutchful says:

    Like the game but i was a bit excited so I expected a bit too much!
    Campaign (Hard) was good but I have played better, the NPC’s did most of the shooting, I was busy with taking cover,crawling…dying etc
    This game is build for the multiplayer as I progress through the rangs it’s getting easier to play.
    Favorite class is support with M60E4,grip,inrv,extended mag and C4
    My overall rating of the game is 8+

    @Caini1 maybe we can play the CO-OP missions i need a buddy!

    Oh yeah I heard Medal of Honor 2 is on it’s way…….

    • caini1 says:

      I would of been all over this game from Friday when it came out but I injured my Back & the pain killers Knock me out..But Yes m8 we can do CO-OP missions. Medal of Honor 2 Sweet…

    • Sparadrap says:

      I was so looking forward to BF3 as BC3 so when it arrived I was disopointed. But now I’ve played it as a new game not a follow up I’m loving it. Difficult until you unlock shit to fight against our American cousins with the few days head start ( so jealous lol ) and getting used to the real recoil of the guns I’m getting there.

  3. EightyThor says:

    I agree with Hendrik; campaign on hard is… I just stayed in cover for like 50% of it…

    Loving Multiplayer, only just realised when you press down on the d-pad switch from Auto, semi-auto to single shot.

    Teamwork has to be alot better on this though.

    • Sparadrap says:

      I agree I spend alot of the time shouting at the tv ammo or meddi pack, I know the mic chat needs work but I’m sure some of them are just thinking get bent what if I get shot! Lol

    • Sparadrap says:

      Not even touched the campaign I might one day. Gonna hammer the co-op this week coming tho with a friend try and unlock all the good stuff it offers for the multiplayer. Had a quick go Sunday morning with J and I like what they have done very nice touch.

    • thedutchful says:

      Press down on d-pad…….. o_0 didn’t know it

      Teamwork has to be a whole lot better.

      • EightyThor says:

        I can’t even play with Smurfs in my squad. I need my team.
        Well apart from Team Deathmatch where it’s basically COD.

        I mostly play as a support to whoever’s making a move, the amount of saviour kills and spots I got. Still trying adapt to the recoil in this game, burst fire is your best friend.

        Support class provides awesome surpressive abilities.


  4. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    I love it. I find myself to be a God in the skies in jets. I rarely get shot down if ever. Spara I understand the jealousy but ill tell you the dame thing I told Darkflow. we get games first cuz if we don’t we will call you a terrorist and A-Bomb you to non existance. all sarcasm intended. one thing I hate about the States to much damn pride. I have pride in my country but some ppl take it overboard.

    overall I love the game. it has its kinks but it is amazing otherwise and Spars I can take a crack at the Co-op as well I’ve already unlocked everything for co-op including trophies.

    also battlefield has another promotion for Dogtags. you watch a 4 minute trailer and you get 6 KILLER dogtags.

    go to watch the trailer and follow the steps afterward.

    • caini1 says:

      Yes its a good trailer but the offer for the Dog Tags is only available to people in North America cheers any way. Does any 1 else Know of any promotions & stuff for Dog Tags

      • devney says:

        the other opne is dr pepper buh tha is n. america only one of the reps did tell me tho tha they my do sumthing similar over here in the future due to the feedback they have been having.

        loving the game tho havent really got into the campaign or coop yet jus bought really bought it for the multiplayer defo glad its more like bf2 cant wait to get the maps now,
        jus wish theyed sort the chat out and give us private matches

    • thedutchful says:

      Americans and their damn pride….lol

  5. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    made by terrorists for terrorist.
    hopefully you understand that. its a joke over here. I think I would rather be an American than some 3rd world country.

    • thedutchful says:

      I do and agree.

    • darkflow89 says:

      I am from a 3rd world country 😉

      • XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

        you don’t act it. over here we have these commercials on TV for kids in 3rd world countries

        when I say 3rd world I mean like 8th world.^__^ these people look like they live through hurricanes daily.

        you don’t count darkflow if you saw how they are viewed by selfish ppl over here you would see. the people I’m thinking of don’t even know what a PS3 is.

      • XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

        and I hate it. how people in the states look down on them. no wonder the world hates us.

      • darkflow89 says:

        I get what you mean. I am originally from Philippines (and still a Filipino citizen) where hurricanes and floods are a usual occurrence. I was just lucky to be given an opportunity to move to England 6 years ago. I do admit that there is a sense of joy and fulfillment growing up in a country where people may have nothing material but nature and culture makes up for it. You should visit, I’ll give you a tour! 🙂

      • XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

        I plan on visiting a lot of places. I honestly wanna go to Eurogamer one year. plus I wanna go where my ancestors are from. Scotland, Ireland, I have a bit of German in me as well. but that’s all I know. I know I had family in the UK.

  6. BEGFM says:

    I think the game is great when there is no lag, but recently the lag factor is creeping up. Is this due to demand and servers being overloaded.

    I have had a couple of post at Dice to see what they say, probably not alot now they have my money, but I do get very frustrated. Caini 1 will vouch for as I sspent an evening swearing at everything including Caini 1 and then realised I had left my mic on o-O. (Apologies yet again)

    Anyhow for those that are experiencong lag here is a link to the topic I started.

  7. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Sorry to spoil the BF3 love-in, I guess I shall live up to my name – my feelings in one word ….. underwhelmed. As you know I always had my doubts about this game and having given it nearly 10 hours of my time it’s getting boring fast. There appears to be less teamwork than BC2 which is saying something – I know that I am not the most talkative of people and that the comms are broken at the moment but I could count the number of people who I have come across communicating on one hand….I just hope they fix it soon.

    Have not really played with many of team iHS but when I have we have always been split up on entering the match or after one round which is starting to get tiresome so I have taken to playing with randoms and letting people join on me if they want….. I have limited gaming time as it is without having to prat around trying to squad up repeatedly.

    I played a couple of matches of BC2 last night with a bunch of randoms and had far more fun, that kind of says it all for me. I shall stick it out for another week or two and see what happens but it’s not looking hopeful…..

  8. dv8r1970 says:

    Its an improvement on bf2 but not so much on bfbc2, with that in mind I can only compare it to bf2 because thats what its predessor is. There is alot I like about this game such as the head to head, different game styles the choice of vehicles, the graphics are sharp and its hard to get camped.. what i dont like is the coms are crap making proper squad play impossible, knife kills are still very hit and miss, spawning leaves alot to be desired, lag can still be an issue and them bullet proof sheilds are just so not cool ( flash lamps) they have the power to blind even in bright sun shine. Overall its not a bad fps quite good but its no bfbc2, roll on bfbc3.
    By the way does anybody else see the similarities between mw3 and bf3 graphically, if you remove what identifies them i.e logos and such and just watch the adds for both games on tv , it looks like 2 adds for the same game

    • oscarthegrouch71 says:

      Maybe hard to get camped but seems to be very easy to get yourself caught up in a spawn rape particularly if you are playing with randoms and COD players who don’t play the objective…

    • Sparadrap says:

      I so hope they fetch out bfbc3.

  9. thedutchful says:

    Recoil tip: Fore grip,short bursts and aim for the balls=garanteed success

  10. sparadrap says:

    does any one else when they look at their leader board on battle log have no stats of their own?

  11. rohalient says:

    This game FUCKING sucks!!!!……….. Naaaah im kidding :). but really this game got boring for me after i reached level 40 on wednesday. I tend to go 24 and 0 or more almost evry round its too easy. Especially after MW3 came out all the campers and drop-shot kids left so it got EVEN EASIER!!!!! i plan on getting a game for my PS3 soon but not sure about which one? maybe MW3 im not sure. I seriously need a game for it. I will probably get mass effect 3 for it or something i dont know….. see you guys whenever. My gamer tag on Xbox is LE AMERICANO if any of you are ever on that.

    • thedutchful says:

      Xbox FUCKING sucks!!!!………..Naaaah im kidding 🙂

      MW3 campaign is bettter than BF3,multiplayer is the same shit….
      I played it on Veteran but this is still easy competing with BF3 on Hard.

      Don”t forget to add me Roque, yvdsvestas is offline now.

  12. rohalient says:

    add you? i already have you on ps3? yyou mean xbox?

  13. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Think I’ll give this game a few more days to prove itself fun otherwise it’s likely to get traded in or at the very least shelved until DICE decide to iron out the kinks and sort out the comms. Was chatting to Laney last night and it just seems to me that they had a brainstorm one day and then took all the crappy ideas they came up with and included them in the game….
    supernova tac lights, 3D spotting (probably seemed a good idea at the time but it seems that most players don’t even bother spotting anymore as there’s no point when it disappears on them moving into cover), health regen on vehicles allowing any class to use them effectively, stingers that don’t take a plane/heli down…. need i go on

    So come on guys…. I’m just finding it very frustrating at the moment and nowhere near the game that BFBC2 was…. I need some help to make this game fun

    • dv8r1970 says:

      I think the issues with this game can be broken down into 3 different categories. prodution/ player interface i.e bullet proof supernova tac lights/ no mute button for prepubescent singing smurfs.etc 2. server related issues / teething problems i.e connection issues, coms and the like. 3. other players, gimps who wont heal, repair or supply and support…. problems 1 & 2 are for E.A to sort out and history teaches us that E.A fixing problems is like waiting for a snail marathon to finish or start, painfuly slow and frustrating. 3. other players , we’ve all had the engineer run away while your tank burns even though he has a repair tool and was in the tank with you , so 1 idea i generaly stick to is dont take a vehicle unless i’m an engineer. Tanks and IFV’s dont last long unless you have a team working together to keep it going, quickest way to get rid of a tank is to introduce it to rpg / javelin anal, tanks dont survive bum busters even with and engineer trying to repair it , where as your wasting your time taking on a tank head on with rpgs if its got an engineer behind it..Devney and Laney proved that against me on Karg conquest to my frustration and support players and assualts its happened me as recon no ammo shouting at the support for ammo pressing the select button and nothing then you get shot and you get revived the only bonus with that is you get an extra clip in your handgun and so the vicious circle starts again. This game screams out for squad play ,private matches and communication all of which are issues for EA to sort out. This game has huge potential and with a few minor adjustments it could be one of the best but still behind BFBC2 in my opinion..At least in BFBC2 we could play as a clan or squad in Bf3 its pot luck just to get a game with other members of iHS, , I found that some players are having issues with the invites not because the game may have suddenly filled up but just wont let you join…… I do sympathise with you oscar becuase it can be more frustrating than fun at times i’ve found that i have quit more games on this out of frustration in 2 weeks than i have on bc2 in 2 years

  14. Sparadrap says:

    Best friend forever (Famas) assault
    10 Revives
    10 Heals

    Professional Russian (L85) assault
    100 Assault rifle kills
    20 Underslung grenade launcher kills
    5 SQDM Wins
    Famas Unlocked

    Fixing it (HK53) Engineer
    10 Repairs
    1 Repair torch kill

    It Goes Boom (QBZ-95B) Engineer
    50 AT rocket kills
    1 enemy vehicle kill with repair torch
    5 Conquest Wins
    HK53 Unlocked

    Let it Rain (QBB-95) Support
    20 Kills LMG
    2 Mortar Kills

    Keep your head down (MG36) Support
    100 LMG Kills
    50 Supression assists
    50 Ammo resupplies
    Let it rain completed

    Specops (QBU-8] Recon
    20 Sniper rifle kills
    5 lazer designations

    Creeping death Recon
    50 headshots
    50 spot assists
    5 knife takedowns
    Specops completed

    Familiar territory (PP-19) All-Kit
    10 MCOM Arms
    10 Flag Captures
    2 Hours on Strike at Karkand

    Scarred Veteran (MK3A1 Jackhammer) All Kit
    10 PP-19 Kills
    5 DPV Kills
    10 BTR-90 Kills
    2 hours on sharqui
    2 hours on Oman
    Familiar territory completed

    • EightyThor says:

      Do these have to be done in one match or is this what needs to be achieved?

      • Sparadrap says:

        Just since B2K was released famas should be easyly done but the likes of jackhammer that a lot of play just on two maps.

      • dv8r1970 says:

        no dont have to be done in the 1 game , it adds up over time, some are easy to do others will take a lot of time.. the famas is way to powerful i’ve lost most 1 v 1 against it. eg. operation metro conquest , 5 of us on the u.s side of b flag near the top of the escalater , dude comes around the corner and takes us all out with the famas while we were shooting at him with 2 m60’s 1 usas 1 m416 and an aek.. …and thanks spara for posting that….

  15. EightyThor says:

    Going back to Oscar’s comment made in November, I have to agree, there’s less teamwork in this game.

    Not saying there’s anything wrong with playing what you want but 90% of the time I come online majority of you guys are in seperate games lol.

    I’m going to be on Battlefield a lot more now, so anyone up for squading just send me an invite.

    By the way, loving the MP7 right now, kind of disappointed that the UMP doesn’t have a foregrip.

    ALSO the recent Map Pack is fantastic!

    • thedutchful says:

      Agree, I usually join the one who has room (random pick)
      or who’s inviting me and that are not always members of iHS.

      So like u said anyone up for squading just send me an invite!

      Like the Wake Island map because I played 1943 a lot on that map
      so it’s funny to be back 🙂

      There’s also a easter egg on the island wich is a memorial plate with the text: “To all who fought here in 1942,BF2-2124 and 1943 We are greatful – Dice”

  16. jptykes says:

    B2K is impressive. The size of the maps is great, though they seem a bit too campy, a sniper’s paradise.

    Hopefully voip will get sorted and team work will improve.

  17. EightyThor says:

    I think we realised, that voip gets you kicked sometimes.
    More than two people in a squad and it sounds like shit. Apparently they’re sorting it out…

  18. devney says:

    all of our stats on bf3 stats in a leaderboard

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