Operation Firestorm and Grand Bazzar PS3 Gameplay and Multiplayer Maps Revealed

The following links contain footage of a Conquest game on Operation Firestorm (one of BF3’s biggest maps) and a game of Team Deathmatch on Grand Bazzar. You will also be pleased to know that the final build (or very close to final build) that G4TV are playing has none of the glaring problems that were present in the Beta. Also, thanks to the high texture pack that will be included on the PS3 and 360 disk, the game also looks a lot better than what we have seen until now.

Op Firestorm: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/55770/battlefield-3-operation-firestorm-multiplayer-map-preview/?quality=hd

Grand Bazzar: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/55771/battlefield-3-operation-grand-bazzar-multiplayer-map-preview/

Head on over to the Battlefield Blog to get a glimpse of every map that will be in the game (not counting the Back to Karkand expansion) along with design thoughts from the maps designers. The only thing you need to know? Damavand Peak BASE JUMPING!

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7 Responses to Operation Firestorm and Grand Bazzar PS3 Gameplay and Multiplayer Maps Revealed

  1. Ramesses_ says:

    Thanks man. You’ve help put my mind at ease. Wasn’t too impressed with Operation Metro. I was getting sick of it! just wanted to get out the city and onto the battlefield.

    Firestorm looks great. Huge..though i.expect alot of people will be getting stuck out in the fields with no vehicles around…

    Looking awesome though. it’s back on my most wanted list.

    • thedutchful says:

      that’s where team play comes in, pick up your team members!

      Metro was great by the way, didn’t had any problems actually a lot of fun and high scores!

      Tip: use INRV in dark places…no more hiding!

  2. caini1 says:

    Looks really good I can’t wait specially for the jets in the fire storm map but the bizzar map reminded me of MOH with the Market stalls and what not which in my opinion is not a bad thing at all, and there was no doubt in my mind that the beta would not represent the finished article.
    MOH + BFBC2 = BF3 sweet…….good vids m8…

  3. devney says:

    i didnt mined metro least its there to change up the gameplay un lovin the whole idea behind the basejump map

  4. thedutchful says:

    Nice catch m8, vids look great.

    I’m sold…………….

  5. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    I’ve been sold. apparently we get the M4 and the M4A1. plus we get the M16A3 and the M16A4.


    I Pre’d my pants.

  6. EightyThor says:

    Look at my avatars face.

    — Nuff said

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