Battlefield 3 Beta – Server Stress Test

Basically we need to get in there and run a train on the server, spit roast it, no snowballing though, I want lots of pentration, lube and plenty of peanut-butter everyone having fun, let’s test the damn server! ^_^ Yay teamwork!


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8 Responses to Battlefield 3 Beta – Server Stress Test

  1. thedutchful says:

    No snowballing….I’m out 😦

    • Sparadrap says:

      Call me dumb but what’s snowballing feel free to take the piss out of the newbee. Lol

      • EightyThor says:

        Snowballing: One person who has semen in their mouth passes it to another person… In their mouth o_o

        Lol ANYWAYS — I’m getting used to the BF3 way of play. It’s alot of fun with a good team. You don’t have to be in a squad to talk to the rest of the team. That could just be a bug but so far it’s good.


      • Sparadrap says:

        Oh my god was trying to think of a gaming sense to it. Doh!

      • thedutchful says:

        o_o I thought it was with snow and then…….. forget it…lol

  2. caini1 says:

    I did my part @9:50 am to around 12:00 pm, when ever I’m on no one els is 😦 so what does every one think of the team play in BF3.
    I love the sound of the bullets whizzing and cracking past your head specially on home theatre system they already have the sound nailed in my opinion but they say the real game will be better in so many ways

  3. Sparadrap says:

    I really like it. Already taking tags up to 22 :-). Nearly unlocked my ump so looking forward to that. still trying to get used to the prone and having to let go of left stick every time my soldier stops running but read that they’ll sort that for the release. So many different scopes/dots it’s hard to chose and swapping between em is a bit time consuming roll on the 28th and a full weekend of good old fashioned ass kicking.

  4. thedutchful says:

    I worked all the weekend…missed all the fun 😦

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