PSN ID Changes

Seems like a few people are following suit and changing PSN ID’s for the launch of Battlefield 3 (or already have).

So here’s a list of changes so far and when they will be switching:

KingJBlaze: EightyThor (Already active)
ThisWarIsOurs18: XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX (Active on release)
yvdsvestas: THEDUTCHFUL (Active on release)


About EightyThor

Sup bruh!
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12 Responses to PSN ID Changes

  1. thedutchful says:

    I was thinking about a post but too late… 🙂

  2. EightyThor says:

    I heard from J, that there’s supposedly a new map for the beta this week?

  3. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    PC got a map they got Caspian Border. I’ve read that console doesn’t get them for beta.

  4. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    BUTTERbean01 will be changing his psn as well.

  5. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    guys check this out. A few posts back someone posted those “Vaults” well my local retailer Gamestop is selling a BF3 version and it looks EPIC!

  6. J says:

    that what i heard from some kid at school that they would let us play a map with jets and there going 2 take off the flashlight cuz to many ppl get mad but there going to stay with the laser

  7. Sparadrap says:

    Just read it’s only pc getting caspian border 😦

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