Dying too much in Battlefield 3?

We all know death comes quickly when playing the BF3 Beta. Sometimes it seems that if a soldier even farted from the other side of the map it would kill you. Well hopefully this bit of info will keep you from dying so much.

Keep an eye on your health bar, highlighted in red in the above image. I know that sounds like I’m being condescending, but if you get into a firefight with someone and survive, your health will not start to regen straight away unless you park your ass on a Med pack (which we know are in short supply as half the players in the beta  don’t seem to know they can throw ammo/health packs). This means you could be running around dangerously low on the old life juice unawares as there is no strawberry jam on the screen to indicate your level of health like there was in Bad Company 2. If you can stay out of the line of fire for a bit, your health will eventually start its trek back to 100%, so slow things down soldier, and you may stay on this earth a little longer.

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9 Responses to Dying too much in Battlefield 3?

  1. EightyThor says:

    Lol sheeeeeeeeit – I didn’t know health was displayed XD
    Well I’m definitely keeping an eye on that one.

  2. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    For some reason i haven’t strayed far from assault for to long. i try to revive as much as possible and heal as much as possible.

    But I have decided that at BF3 launch I am switching PSN’s because the one I have now I practically hate the band it represents. Golden knows who I speak of I believe. So at BF3 launch you can delete TWIO18 from your lists and ill add you on the new one i made or you can add me. the only time ill be using TWIO18 is possibly for BC2 but with BF3 launch i wont be an active BC2 player.

    the new one is XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX

    • yvdsvestas says:

      I’m also changing PSN id’s, yvdsvestas will in the future no longer be used for iHS.

      The one I will be using mostly for iHS is : THEDUTCHFUL

  3. yvdsvestas says:

    Dice already gave tips and tricks before playing the beta so I was aware of this.

    After playing the beta for a while you will get used to the controls and play better and better.

    Only the reviving doens’t work for me (standing like a complete idiot with defibrillators and then get shot…..)

  4. XxSiNWiTHAGRiNxX says:

    reviving seems to work for me. if you notice the little dot in the middle of the defibs just get close and center the dot somewhere midbody and CLEAR!

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