Hands-On: Battlefield 3

So I finally got to play Battlefield 3. Quick answer to what is going to be a short post: It’s effin’ awesome. Plays like BC2 with alot more recoil, sounds better too. We’re in for a treat when the beta and eventually the full release is out.

The controls are more or less the same, the D-pad was a bit different. For example; I was playing Assault [UMP, no silencer, red dot, laser sight] and my left direction was a seperate grenade launcher weapon and the right direction were defibrillators.

They had the Multiplayer set up for Rush, 12v12, Guillotine, alot of friggin fun. Battlefield in an urban environment works so friggin well, this was a long time coming really. They had 3 different BF3 blocks, PC, Ps3 and Xbox and another for Campaign (also Ps3).
For the consoles they were on the same block, two queues next to each other, luckily for me Xbox was long and Ps3 was shorter? [unsure thumbs up]


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6 Responses to Hands-On: Battlefield 3

  1. darkflow89 says:

    yay! im going tomorow at 10 am. I’ll go straight to the over 18 section. 🙂 im so glad I bought a ticket!

  2. dv8r1970 says:

    guess you had fun, looks awesome. pity we dont get these in ireland i think the i.m.f need to put the fun back into funds,,i’m sure someday i’ll get to go( with my grandkids) and impress them with my skills on bf25….

  3. Fabe says:

    Next EuroGamer is obviously 2012, 27-30 I think it was.

    BF3 was really good. Even though it was the beta we were playing it still looked nice.

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