EuroGamer, Oh and A Goodie Bag

Here’s a small amount of the goodies. — Also they were giving away OnLive for free!! But obviously the queue was insane.

Other games I played and will be buying were:

Saints Row: The Third
GTA with way more random shit and cool moves – Co-op [if there is one] or Muliplayerwill be alot of fun.

Ridge Racer: Unbounded
Think; If Burnout went out to a club, hand a one night stand with Split/Second – Split/Second calls 9 months later like… “Remember me?… Yeah, well you got a son now. Burnout: “Shit o_o”.
All in all a very good arcade racer with alot of destruction.

Driver: San Francisco (Multiplayer)
Now I have played this, I will be buying this.


The Adventures of TinTin: The Game
Yes, you read right. And no, I’m not high…. this was a surprise game for me, since I only played it because the seat was empty and my feet were hurting lol — I was a huge shock when it turned out to be a fun platformer. I’ll definately buy this… When it’s cheap lol.


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8 Responses to EuroGamer, Oh and A Goodie Bag

  1. caini1 says:

    Looks sweet wish I had gone now and real tags I thought u ment like special in game tags what is onlive nvm I am going to google it. BF3 It seemed good yes not to much in your tweets 😉

  2. Fabe says:

    The queue for Arkham City was constant, I got too lazy to queue for Vita and MW3 was… again too long lol

  3. darkflow89 says:

    How was the queue for Skyrim?

  4. Golden says:

    SSX I have pre ordered since I seen the first detail come out. I’ve heard somebody saying it looked dissapointing at EG Expo, that it looked a lot more gritty than previous SSX games, but hell, I’m getting it anyway.

    Saints Row, if it does indeed have some form of co-op, and the rest of the team are getting it I will pick up for sure. I wasn’t planning on getting it straight away, but co-op would be too amazing to miss out on.

    Funny you should mention Tin Tin, I was just reading through the latest issue of Edge and it had a preview and it sounded pretty interesting. I gather they’ve taken out the racism!


  5. yvdsvestas says:

    Driver didn’t impress me I’m more excited about Skyrim, TinTin is something to check out do like the comic books.

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