Resistance 3 Review

Review about the game, completed the singleplayer now on normal mode this game is worth it’s money and a nice adding to my collection… anyone else getting/playing it?


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7 Responses to Resistance 3 Review

  1. devney says:

    got the limited edition today so be playing it soon hopefully

  2. caini1 says:

    Yeh I’m playing it at the moment it seems like a very good game and the multiplayer could be really good with a lot of options I have only played the beta multiplayer Wich seemed alright but I will get back to u if the multiplayer rocks there is online co op as well I think. Cheers Hendricks good recommendation

  3. Fabe says:

    I think this’ll be a game i buy later on. Since BF3 beta will be out soon then the game. Very exciting weeks coming up.

  4. BEGFM says:

    I really enjoyed the SP campaign, though I completed it in about 5 hours on normal difficulty and didn’t find it too challenging.

    If you do play it, explore lots and make the most of it.

    Not sure if I would recommend paying full whack for it tbh, as mentioned sp is good but short, co-op depends if you have a co-op buddy and the multiplayer is still be patched. If the multiplayer does get fixed then I do recommend it to be added to anyones games collection. If not, wait for the price to drop 😉

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