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Sup people, just thought I’d do my job today and be Admin ^_^

I added new Categories [edited some] PS Hardware has been changed to PS Official Hardware, and PS Unofficial Hardware has been added.
So Sony’s official Dualshock 3 would [obviously] go under Official and a Mad Catz controller would be posted under Unofficial. [thumbs up].

So an example of C&T’s [Categories and Tags] would be like:
Category: PS Official Hardware
Tags: PS3 Accessories, DualShock 3

Tags are where you can put the actually name of the product or clip or whatever…
The sub categories for BC2 like; Conquest, Rush for example are now gone… They weren’t needed anyways.

Videos Games Category Explained
Basically — All other games that are not Battlefield [or do not fit the Category FPS] should be posted under this.

Category: Video Games
Tag: Arkham City

Category: Videos Games
Tag: Fifa 12

It’s just to keep things a bit more organised, I mean sometimes you may notice that titles of posts have been edited or tags; that’s not because they’re shit [lol] it’s just because of length or relevance.

Ok, now for the Shoutbox… The Meebo SB was a test run, it doesn’t work as a shoutbox it’s more of a personal IM to an Admin kind of thing. Like IMing tech-support lol. I have looked but WordPress doesn’t allow alot of 3rd party coding etc etc… So majority of the time it just places a link instead of the actually Shoutbox. But the people have spoken and I will try my hardest to provide. ^_^

Towards Christmas/New Years — There will be things like; “Your Top 5 Games Of 20XX”, probably do some giveaways for best stats… Obviously depending on funds because it’s all from my own pocket – LMAO!!…… o_o broke…  [sigh]

Also check GamingGhouls for Gaming News. [Advertising Sellout Thumbs Up]


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6 Responses to Updates – Stuff

  1. rohalient says:

    Finally, less buttons to press. 😉

  2. caini1 says:

    I am Guilty of miss using the Category & Tags & I may have also put in an duplicate category once or twice as u probably already know 🙂
    Shit this is like church………….not that I go…..but u wouldn’t be Editor if u didn’t Edit lol…

  3. Fabe says:

    Lol.it’s good, i wanted to make things neater.. More.compact if possible. BF3 will.consume this site more so i thought BC2 should be compressed (.RAR style).

  4. yvdsvestas says:

    Nicely done bro… a little guilty here also but working hard to progress. 🙂

  5. J says:

    what about gta?? and infamous

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