Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Gameplay Trailer

Watch the deadly items in the Physical Warfare Pack in action in this Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer

wich you will get with the pre-order of Battlefield 3.


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6 Responses to Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Gameplay Trailer

  1. caini1 says:

    55 Days to go till Christmas beta lol 🙂
    I have got this Physical Warfare Pack pre ordered Good Find Hedrick !!
    the beta for this game is supposed to be this month trying to find out more. The DAO-12 SHOTGUN with FLECHETTE AMMO is Going to be BRUTAL add some body armour and you will have a good kill streak I bet

  2. devney says:

    loving the use of a tripod be great for my defensive style and covering fire

  3. Fabe says:

    This game is going to be alot of fun. Looking forward to going in to BF3 with a better understanding of FPS’.

  4. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    Well guys I know i have been gone for a wee bit. but i am going to be on again more often just dealing with some “personal issues” but i am back. Hopefully I will play with you guys tomorrow. I know you all missed me. Kidding. And caini You Bloody Wanker! felt like it had to be said….If you guys get on and I should get on just send me an IM on Google Talk. If You have it. I know Fabe does.

    Yeah I know My Email Is Bitchin’….. Jk

    and don’t we get The BF3 Beta with MoH?

  5. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    I can heal the blind..

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