Resistance 3 Beta


Anyone tried this out yet? I wasn’t sure what to expect, given the fact i haven’t played the previous installments.

And… [Drum-roll]… It’s pretty good.  But hey that’s my opinion. Anyone tried it and liked it or disliked it?

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5 Responses to Resistance 3 Beta

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    Yeah I did indeed looks good I’ve played the previous parts but never hooked on to the multiplayer, so will see what this brings.
    Already preordered this game but mainly for the singleplayer…

  2. Fabe says:

    Well the online was alright. The controls are good too, obviously the beta is abit buggy.

    But if anyone has it, or able to get it then try it out.
    Also for those that do not have PS i have a code for Resistance 3 if anyone wants it.

    • yvdsvestas says:

      played the multiplayer a bit more now, it plays really good controls are easy and indeed a bit buggy but still entertaining.

      Where’s everbody… Holidays??? it’s quiet lately…..

  3. caini1 says:

    I have only had a quick play on resistance 3 multiplayer but for a beta it has not got a bad appearance it looks quite good for a beta and seems to be playable that’s all I can say until I play it some more.
    I have been busy lately.. 😦

  4. devney says:

    deffinatly be getting this on preorder just rebought the previous 2 just to replay the story

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