5 Man Squad


Lol this was so odd i had to snap this picture to show you guys. Me plus four other team members in a squad.

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9 Responses to 5 Man Squad

  1. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    that sent us all on a big trip for a while. we couldn’t figure it out. maybe that’s how Darkflow feels when she’s blazed. she probably sees like 8 people though. that or when she’s making weird sounds in the mic…..good times.

    • darkflow89 says:

      haha good times indeed. I seem to always end up alone when we have private matches.

      • ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

        all you have to do is ask one of us to join and im pretty sure anyone would be up for it.

  2. caini1 says:

    Weird iv never seen that. But I hope in BF3 you can communicate with the whole team?

  3. Golden says:

    @Caini, I think it’s been said that there will only be communication between the 4 squad members, there was a rumour however that squad leaders would be able to communicate to each other, it hasn’t been confirmed though.

  4. Fabe says:

    This was during the clan match. GBc/iHS vs BFF.

    I was actually able to spawn on everyone, and this stayed like this for awhile. Then eventually it went back to a four-man squad.

  5. yvdsvestas says:

    I just wanna talk to everbody in my team (like as in CoD) especially in private matches.

  6. Fabe says:

    That would be cool. I think they should keep the normal squad voip, but holding Up, on the D-pad should enable you to talk to the entire team.

    Something like that…

    • ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

      Definitely a good idea. see if they would just check what players really want we would have good games…that is an amazing idea. they should use the ideas fans have but not the dumb ones.

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