iHS Awards – Categories

Send your votes to the team email. Copy & paste the categories then type your votes underneath said category.
Put the email subject as IHS AWARDS


Most stupid death
Hardest name to pronounce
Mostly likely to give up their Dogtags
Best witnessed death spazz

Most likely to give orders
Most likely to abandon a vehicle with you still in or on it
Most likely to Spawn kill
Most suicides by team-mate
Most likely to suicide the whole team through bad driving
Best Interview so far

Best Medic
Best Recon/Marksman
Best Engineer
Most likely to Rage Quit
Best use of Mines That you have witnessed by a teammate
Best use of C4 That you have witnessed by a teammate

Best map for Rush
Best map for Conquest
Best map for Squad Deathmatch
Best map for Squad Rush

Most Sneaky
Most likely to tea bag
Most likey to d/c [disconnect | get kicked]

Best “Old Guy” (lol)  Ramesses_, yvdsvestas, rodman78, allenxxl, oscarthegrouch71, devney, dv8r1970, sparadrap01, KingJBlaze, Muse83, Juelz79, Caini1
Best Newcomer caini1, BUTTERbean01, devney, dv8r1970, j167228, DEVANTE-321, sparadrap01, MEXICO851
Best Team Player


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9 Responses to iHS Awards – Categories

  1. caini1 says:

    I Have sent my Nominations to the email but I left out the last one I did not mean to but im putting it here, Best Team Player it would have to be you KingJBlaze as you organise the most matches.
    Ahhh Ewwwwwwww
    There is a brown smelly substance on my nose

    I thought I had better say it first 🙂

  2. Fabe says:

    Don’t forget about currently absent members, ROHALIENT and Muse83.

  3. dv8r1970 says:

    Just a thought but for stupid death cat: people wont know about team members stupid deaths unless they posted them, and as I’ve discovered really stupid deaths only happen in hardcore , I saw a non iHS team mate top my bradley death in vietnam, if only i could video these it would make one hell of a comedy, badly damaged huey pilot tries to land and does on top of a tree one of the big ones, jumps out gets out his blow torch and hes looking around for the huey when out out of the tree it comes and splats him , I was watching this on the spawn cam, he threw one hell of a spaz while i was lmfao, the worse he got the more i laughed, he took offence to me laughing at him and started shooting me , so i came back as a medic and killed him revived him till i got kicked and laughing the whole time … now i’m off to see if i can road kill myself with a tuk tuk.

  4. dv8r1970 says:

    why no assualt category ?

  5. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    too many people run assault maybe? and there’s not really a defining characteristic that makes a assault that amazing. all it really has is resupplies. but besides that. medic has defibs, heals, engineer has RPG and repair tool, recon has mortars and motion mines…. besides that all assault has is 40mm.

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