Clan Match Review – Vs. GBc

I heard GBc were outclassed and well beaten. This was their first match and they enjoyed it. They did say it was abit laggy but not as an excuse. How did iHS find it?

Please pass on my congrats to your lot and hopefully a replay can be sorted.


Congrats guys and girls.

GBc are a good team, outclassed? Nah, just out numbered on that day – They still managed to get in and not just sit back and [all] snipe. If GBc had a full [equal amount] team the result could have been different I hope to play them again.

As for us; I [personally] feel that we played pretty well. No one was a Sniper just to up their K/D [niiice], at one point we were ALL Engineers on Harvest Day. At the right times we had Medics and Recons. I feel the way we played yesterday was [True] iHS, how we ought to have played against BFF. Everyone seemed to have their game faces on. Since everyone was so geared up we might have Clan Matches more often.


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14 Responses to Clan Match Review – Vs. GBc

  1. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    I think we should get kind of a general Outline of strategies for each map and figure out how many of each class we would need and make a list of our tactics. maybe give us an up on the other team. For instance, on conquest I always go for the middle base first because i know the entire team will go to the closest base to them (For quick points) But with 2 bases already taken you already have an upper hand. In the long run it helps more than 11 guys storming one base.

  2. caini1 says:

    First of all GBc good game I think we should pencil in another date for a friendly.
    I thought we all played well better than the last time against BFF the only way we can improve is by playing more pvt games together I’m aware of the time differences, around 8-9pm (uk) seems to work.Also the members in my team did well changing into the required class when we needed them and stuck together & we were communicating nuff said…..

  3. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    It was a real shame that the teams were unbalanced from the start. Having said that GBc did get in regularly to arm the Mcoms but were ultimately unable to defend the arm afterwards. Hopefully if/when we play again team numbers will be even and the matches will be even more intense.

    On another topic managed to get started on my Et Tu brute trophy later on in the evening with Caini and Queen XD’s tags. Mwahahahah.

    Watch your back Blaze i’m coming for yours next…..

    • caini1 says:

      Where are you going to put you’re trophies I was not aware bins had shelves Oscar any ways I’ve had you’re tags for a while now 🙂

      • oscarthegrouch71 says:

        I know you have, as have many other iHS peeps – I generally don’t use the knife as it is way too unreliable….. but saw you on the heavy MG and just had to, as for Queen XD’s, more luck than judgement just happened to meet her face to face and reacted quickest

  4. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    Oh don’t worry Blaze gives his tags up easy. lolz

  5. darkflow89 says:

    It was laggy but fun. Definitely should do it again. 🙂 I was alone in a squad at one point, thanks to Ramesses and Fab for keeping me company. ^_^

  6. yvdsvestas says:

    GBc is a team on my level, it would be nice to play more matches with them.
    Like Sam said we could do some more private matches.

    ….and headsets for everbody!

  7. Golden says:

    Glad to hear iHS done well, and that GBc were able to put up a good fight while still being outnumbered, which says to me we will have to be on top of our game when playing against a full team of.

    Really hope I’m able to make the next game, unfortunate that it just happened to be on the same night as the gig I was goin to.

    What modes were played?

  8. Fabe says:

    @Kris Rush, was the game mode of the night.

    @Oscar Bring it, bro.

    FYI I lose my tags protecting my team lol.

  9. ThisWarIsOurs18 says:

    you lose your tags from sitting still in one place to long that’s how i got your tags. that’s why i stuck with you yesterday on Oasis while you were RPG Sniping. Cover my teammates 🙂

  10. Fabe says:

    No. No. No. Ok, yes.

    Ah, so that’s why you stuck with me. No one ever sticks with me lol
    You were practically my shadow in SDM.

    • Muse83 says:

      That’s cos it’s usually too dangerous 🙂

      I’ve stuck with you from time to time though. I like the idea of pairing up – it makes total tactical sense.

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