[iHS] BC2 Stats

The Official [iHS] BC2 Leaderboard and your stats are located on your profiles but I have updated our Leaderboard. So this post is just to display a mini stats of our current active team. – NOTICE: Inactive players will be retired [If you’re been gone over 2-3 months that is].

These stats are up-to-date as of this post. – Stats from Statsverse.

Skill Level: 535
Squad Score: 588,895
K/D Ratio: 1.47
W/L Ratio: 1.13
Dogtags: 2,831

Skill Level: 636
Squad Score: 509,235
K/D Ratio: 1.65
W/L Ratio: 1.56
Dogtags: 1,210

Skill Level: 690
Squad Score: 640,525
K/D Ratio: 2.08
W/L Ratio: 2.15
Dogtags: 1,088

Skill Level: 551
Squad Score: 377,775
K/D Ratio: 1.17
W/L Ratio: 1.56
Dogtags: 614

Skill Level: 369
Squad Score: 215,100
K/D Ratio: 0.76
W/L Ratio: 1.38
Dogtags: 987

Skill Level: 394
Squad Score: 212,580
K/D Ratio: 0.81
W/L Ratio: 1.73
Dogtags: 746

Skill Level: 509
Squad Score: 195,385
K/D Ratio: 0.89
W/L Ratio: 1.50
Dogtags: 743

Skill Level: 483
Squad Score: 105,730
K/D Ratio: 1.59
W/L Ratio: 1.41
Dogtags: 396

Skill Level: 360
Squad Score: 280,520
K/D Ratio: 1.00
W/L Ratio: 1.03
Dogtags: 207

Skill Level: 438
Squad Score: 211,945
K/D Ratio: 1.05
W/L Ratio: 1.53
Dogtags: 496

Skill Level: 390
Squad Score: 179,490
K/D Ratio: 0.88
W/L Ratio: 0.95
Dogtags: 259

Skill Level: 384
Squad Score: 155,825
K/D Ratio: 1.02
W/L Ratio: 1.06
Dogtags: 1,611

Skill Level: 436
Squad Score: 172,770
K/D Ratio: 1.35
W/L Ratio: 1.78
Dogtags: 205

Skill Level: 452
Squad Score: 90,289
K/D Ratio: 1.73
W/L Ratio: 1.38
Dogtags: 760

Skill Level: 497
Squad Score: 73,625
K/D Ratio: 1.12
W/L Ratio: 0.74
Dogtags: 285

Skill Level: 360
Squad Score: 78,040
K/D Ratio: 0.85
W/L Ratio: 1.03
Dogtags: 402

Skill Level: 331
Squad Score: 24,010
K/D Ratio: 0.59
W/L Ratio: 1.34
Dogtags: 127

Skill Level: 127
Squad Score: 11,920
K/D Ratio: 0.69
W/L Ratio: 1.33
Dogtags: 17

Skill Level: 413
Squad Score: 4,980
K/D Ratio: 0.80
W/L Ratio: 1.95
Dogtags: 34


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8 Responses to [iHS] BC2 Stats

  1. Hendrik says:

    Nice thing about the retirement.

    I’m gonna clean up my friends list.

  2. Fabe says:

    I wish BC2 wasn’t the first time I had played a FPS, I think I’d have a better K/D Ratio.

  3. Anthony says:

    I know how you feel on that one Fabe. BC2 was the first FPS that I played that was mainly online based. other than that I played lots of FPS when PS2 was out. my favorite being Black (Allen got me hooked on that game) I wish they would reformat it for PS3. But even when I was playing other FPS I never cared about sticking to the walls and being stealthy I always busted into a room trigger pulled, gun blasting. Thats’s probably why I’m so low I am one of those frontline kind of guys I like to be in the action. Guess that’s why I choose Assault class more than anything. But lately I have been very centered on Running Medic with the M249. What got me doing that is I saw alot of medics but none of them ever revived you or they would rambo revive or let you get killed and than kill the guy and than revive you. I just wanted to run a medic and run it like it should be. For my team.

    • Hendrik says:

      A real team player 🙂

      They are working on Bodycount “Black” for the PS3
      but dunno if it’s gonnan be that good.

  4. Fabe says:

    I always wanted to play Black, looked pretty cool.

    I’ve recently gone back to using the MG36.

    • Golden says:

      Mg36 is beast, and because it has its own rds it allows you to run lightweight.

      This is gthe first generation that I’ve gotten into FPS’s too, I used to be into 3rd person shooters in a big way back in the ps2 days with the Socom and Conflict Desert Storm games.

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