CoD: Modern Warfare 3

Yes yes my bias friend… Notice I said friend and not friend(s)… Anthony.

MW3 looks pretty good, not a huge fan of CoD multiplayer but the campaigns are always pretty good.


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5 Responses to CoD: Modern Warfare 3

  1. Anthony says:

    Okay I’m noy Biased at all….I’ve played all th recent CoD games and i hate them all. The last good CoD that came out in my personal opinion is World at War. Great campaign…Original Nazi Zombies….just cuz you put Zombies in One CoD game and it is successful doesnt mean put it in another one. It gets old and it is already done it’s stupid. plus i Don’t like mass produced games that come out every year…I like Precision and Quality. Ex. Battlefield…All around good game. Time well spent on developing….Battlefield 3 has been in the making for like 2 years not counting the thought process and the story writing. CoD comes out every year and it gets very old very fast. BC2 was already in the game design phase before BC came out. That is effort. Ik I will get flamed and trolled for saying it but CoD sold out and they suck now I lost hope in them so when i think of CoD in 4-5 years ill remember how bad they were and ill say no. Terrible graphics, Gameplay, Glitching, Gameflow everything.

  2. Hendrik says:

    Well I probable end up buying this as I got all of the CoD games.
    I always liked to play the games, the graphics are not that bad and the gameplay is ok, the camping and glitching is the worst.
    Nazi zombies is my favorite they should bring out a game based o that!

    But the reveal trailer looks good and I think we could suspect something at the end of the year……

  3. El1das says:

    I love the battlefield games but I bought modern warfare 3 just for the multiplayer session. It’s nice to have a non-squad based game when you are alone. To just clear my mind.

  4. EightyThor says:

    MOH is basically that game for me.

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