BRINK, So far

So not to be bias just because it’s Brink… But yes, yes, this game does exactly what it’s suppose to do.

In he beginning [After a very well put together intro] you have to choose either; Save The Ark [Security] or Escape The Ark [Resistance]. You can change at any time after that though.

Creating a character isn’t as i though it was though, you choose an architype and then proceed to modify it slightly. The gun customisation is similar to COD.

Differences between Security and Resistance, customisation-wise is like this:
Security have proper uniforms and their weapons are well looked after (clean).
Resistance on the other hamd living in the shanty town have ripped shirts, jeans, miners helmets, tyres for shoulder pads, du rags/bandanas and the very cool “The Anger Bandana Mask”. Their guns are slightly rusted or tagged/graffitied. Where as Security would have a official attachment to a gun, Resistance would have an attachment thats bandaged up.

The graphics and art style are unique to current FPS. The closest another game would be Boarderlands but not cellshaded… Or boring.

The AI on Brink aren’t too bad either. Think Killzone AI but with the brain of an online player. Meaning they don’t sit in one place all generic-like, if you manage to sneak up an opponent they wont turn around and kill you just because you got too close. If they can’t see you then you got the upperhand.

Believe if you don’t push forward and hold the AI they will push forward and Spawn kill lol. It’s quite impressive.

I actually saw one opponent break away from the “pack” and sit back and hide in a corner waiting for my squad to.sneak ‘roumd the back. [I killed him though, but impressive none the less]

Primary and Secondary weapons aren’t a Rifle/SMG and a Pistol. No no my friends lol you could have Rifle-SMG, SMG-SMG if you wanted. It helps.

I’m playing on Hard to all I have said has been based on that game difficulty. The controls are good. Well suited to this game, no need to even change the layout. Getting used to different controls makes a stand out instead of always changing layouts to BC2 or COD layouts.

Only thing I changed was the sensitivity, I took the horizontal and vertical down one pip.

Speaking of pips buffing in this game is a very very nice touch.

This game is basically the ultimate co-op game, if you attempt being a lone wolf you will die lol.

Overall rating: 9.5

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3 Responses to BRINK, So far

  1. Hendrik says:

    Well you don’t need my verdict on this you said it all.
    Can’t wait to play this online!

  2. Muse83 says:

    I think I’m gonna jump on this then, Probably pick it up in the next few days or so – not that there’s any rush with no friggin’ multiplayer. I but the brink team are feeling pretty good about making the single and multiplayer modes interchangable.

  3. Fabe says:

    Lol you know what, I was typing this up on my phone on the train by the time I realised it was a really long post.

    It was supposed to be short so everyone else on the posting team could post their own review. XD

    But yes; Muse, get this game bro.

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