BRINK The Launch Trailer

The official launch trailer all about the singleplayer campaign with some splashing CGI footage.


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9 Responses to BRINK The Launch Trailer

  1. Fabe says:

    I got my copy of Brink pre-ordered! From Asda, I’m getting the: The Anger Bandana Mask with it. I’m so excited.

    Hopefully I can get some DLC/Bonus content from… Somewhere.

  2. Fabe says:

    I GOT BRINK!!! It arrived today!?!

  3. Sam caini1 says:

    I should of preordered to, I’ll have to wait untill tomorrow and get it from game to add to my reward card. Let us know if it is a good game,it looks good

    • Fabe says:

      I’ve played it before so everything i had said previous to the official release still stands.

      The best FPS since BC2. [In my opinion]

      • Hendrik says:

        I must agree with you Fabe the game is awesome.

        I only did’n’t received the doom pack with it 😦

  4. Fabe says:

    Yeah i didn’t get my bandana mask! My GF is gonna call Asda tomorrow si.ce she paid for it. They’re trying to bump me.

    Lol right now though I’m stuck on Resistance: Day 2 on Hard.

    But friggin loving it.

    • Fabe says:

      Ok nvm i passed it 45 mins ago. Lol.
      We’ll have to post up little reviews on Brink between Friday-Monday.

      • Hendrik says:

        I so far played Day 1, i’m doing the challenges first to get the extra weapons etc.

  5. Fabe says:

    Got to Day 3 last night. I did one challenge.

    Gonna be on it tonight.

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