An Interview With… ROHALIENT

1. Hi…
What’s gud Fabe
Fabe: Yeah bro thing’s are cool, you know I just been working, coming home to no PSN, crying a little… Self harming then ordering take out, sleep back to work and managing to find space to spend time with my daughter and girlfriend. Recently I’ve been thinking of painting the wall in the back room…. [5 Hours later]…

2. So, for those that don’t know; What was your original PSN username?
My original PSN name was burnttoast13 (back in the day[2008])
Fabe: Ah yes, the BOP [Burnout Paradise] days. Good times.

3. Why’d you pick ROHALIENT as a PSN username?

I picked Rohalient as my username because that’s the name I had on Xbox 360, and I couldn’t remember the password to my other account 😐

4. On a scale of 1-10, How much are you looking forward to Brink? 😀

Fabe: … I… Will… Fucking… KILL YOU!!! [Jumps over the office table]

… 5. Can we be best friends? 😀 … o_o FOREVER.
We are BFF yo
Fabe: No, iHS bro pfft! Get it right man ¬_¬ – Oh wait o_o – Did you mean? Hahahaha… Yes o_o

6. Tell us a little about yourself.

My real name is Roque a.k.a Rocky, and my occupation as of now is church on Sundays, prayer group on Mondays, writing/brainstorming on thursday-Saturday(writing short stories for a book series). Also gym with mom and sometimes my bro on Monday-Friday, playstation, cellphone, texting, Facebook, blogging, iHS making movies, acting etc.

7. As of this interview the PSN is offline [April-May 2011] – What have you been doing in replacement of playing online?

Question 6, with a side of more playstation 😀
Fabe: [Psychiatrist nod] Uh huh, uh huh and… How did that make you feel?

8. What game are you most anticipating?

[Ghost recon future soldier]

9. A new Burnout is coming out but as of right now I’m not sure if it’ll be DLC or a whole new game.

My question is; Will you be purchasing it when or if it’s released?
Yea most likely

10. Do you think Battlefield 3 will have the Bad Company 2 button layout or will they go with the generic COD buttons?

With all that damn money they might as well have their own layout. Most likely COD layout, that is what i used for bc2 anyway
Fabe: [Shivers] Sorry. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

11. Make up your own backronym for iHS? (make up your own meaning for the letters I, H and S)

I hate salads

12. Who’s tags would you be more likely [or like] to take on BC2 from the team? And why?


13. How do you know fellow team member GizmoBoy?

Played mad games together on Xbox 360 since 2009

14. Name your 3 favourite TV Shows!

Burn Notice, Son’s of Anarchy, The Sopranos

15. Plane or Train?


16. Brain or Rain?
Fabe: I said Rain or [Zombies appear!] “BRRRAAAINS!”
Roque: Fabe run!!!
Fabe: Nah nah bro. They’re the late 80’s, early 90’s slow walking Zombies.
Roque: Oh… Ok, then. [!] Fabe look out!!!
Fabe: Bro, I told you [ducks under Zombies attack ridiculously easily]… [Walks…] So, shall we continue?
Roque: Uh o_o… Ok…

17. So wh… Um… No, how’s about we… Errr… I dunno what to ask here… Uhhhh… o_o


18. What colour would you have liked our Brink clan uniform to be?

Fabe: I would like Orange in there…

19. If you was the organiser of an iHS event, where we’d all meet up, what would you organise?

I would have an 23,000 sqft. Yacht with a heli-pad and fly all the members of iHS in and cruise around the Mediterranean sea for 4 days while having a mini convention of video games and other great stuff!

20. Do you think original [M.I.A.] iHS team member ToogMeubel was abducted by Aliens?!
Sound fun
Fabe: [CRIES] Come back drunk French man!

21. As founder I now feel complete having two Irishmen on my team like dual berretas. Isn’t that awesome!
That wasn’t a question I was just making a statement. o_o

I don’t normally drink beer, but when i do i choose dos eqies. That’s a statement =]
Fabe: Here’s a statement for ya! [Fires my duel pistols] “DV8R-Golden-Mega-Duel-Ultra-IRE-Feckin-Cannnonnnn! [FAH-POOMM!!]

22. What’s the last song you heard?
“Around the world (Brent young remix)”  by Atlas Plug
Fabe: Yeah I friggin love them!… [Goes on Wikipedia] o_o

23. Who would you nominate for the next interview?
Fabe: ¬_¬ [Slides brown envelope of Hands bribe charity money to you]

24. Any Shoutouts?

I wanna shoutout to my homeboy Fabe an my nigg Gizmo another shoutout to my dude Ramesses an Haitianzoe And my bro for introducing me to video games.


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21 Responses to An Interview With… ROHALIENT

  1. Hendrik says:

    Lol…Good interview m8’s.

    The new logo looks nice 🙂

  2. Fabe says:

    The picture is supposed to be a testcard. Lol. Lets see how many get that joke.

  3. Hendrik says:

    Me also 🙂

  4. Fabe says:

    Next interview will be Allen or Muse.

  5. Golden says:

    Im sending a request to Namco Bandai to put “DV8R-Golden-Mega-Duel-Ultra-IRE-Feckin-Cannnonnnn” as a special ultra for Majin Vageta in the next Dragonball game!

    Also, the test card was hilarious ahahaha!

  6. Anthony says:

    Im just saying, BRINK IS FUCKING EPICALLY AWESOME!!!! I just got it like an hour ago! Haha take that Europe! We got it first Na na na na na *sticks tongue out* jk guys you really need to get this game

  7. Anthony says:

    oh great fabe is gonna go rob banks with that mask DUN DUN DUN DUN THE BRINK BANDIT!!!

  8. Anthony says:

    Okay i forgot I gotta ask Cause i know it gets under Fabe’s skin.

    So Fabe, How was the royal wedding?

    *English voice* did you have tea with the queen?

    • Fabe says:

      Lol who gives 2 F’s about the royals?!

      • Golden says:

        Apparently an estimated 2 Billion idiots worldwide!

        My Gf’s mum got up to watch it at 8.30am, my eyes rolled so hard they done a fuckin 360 in their sockets!

      • darkflow89 says:

        Haha… I better restrain myself, once i get started talking about people’s delusion I won’t be able to stop myself from ranting… 😉

  9. Anthony says:

    Hendrik. It came out on the 10th of May here as well, but i got mine at midnight which is like 6 or 7 in the morning there….i think so ha still got it first! lol jk

  10. CJ Aka GIzmoBoy says:

    Next Interview is Gonna be Me The Infamous and WackBox Native “GizmoBoy23″” LOL

  11. j says:

    i still dont get the testcard joke

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