BRINK: General Gameplay

Part 3 of the Get SMART series.

I like the whole weight class to movement factor, not sure how I feel about the no instant knife kill though.


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6 Responses to BRINK: General Gameplay

  1. yvdsvestas says:

    The instant knive kill is a miss in this game, but realistic in a surtain way.

    The movement factor looks great as I also like fast gameplay.

    • Fabe says:

      I think ima try to make my character as similar as possible lol. Which would be the mid-weight class. Even though the light-weight class has full free-running.

      Splash.D and Bethesda seem have been inspired by Bulletstorm with the whole sliding at your opponent thing.

      Looking forward to this.

  2. Golden says:

    Did anyone else find the gameplay a bit awkward looking in this? I dunno what it was, but something just stood out for me, maybe it was just that the people playing the game weren’t that good.

    Also, it seems to take a hell of a lot of bullets to kill someone.

    I may have to leave this one a week or so until I pick it up, see what the rest of you guys think or maybe give it a rent first. I’ve been bitten too many times with the last few games I’ve bought so I don’t want to end up wasting even more money on this. Here’s hoping for a demo.

  3. Fabe says:

    No Kris you’re right i noticed it too, it did look odd. Running on PC not at its top capability [for what reason i dunno].

    It takes the same amount of shots to put someone down as BC2. Also i recently found out the button mapping choice; COD, Battlefield and some others. Oh, and custom.

    It actually played alot smoother than that before

  4. Muse83 says:

    I don’t actually mind the no instant knife kill thing, I’ve always thought that it should only be an outright kill if the person is caught unawares rather than just bumping into someone.
    I think the game looks decent, I’ve got some HMV vouchers lying around somewhere so I think I’ll use those. What do you get for pre-ordering again?

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