What Have You Been Doing During PSN Downtime?

With the PSN out of action to to an alleged external intrusion, I wanted to know what iHS have been up to now that they have had to do without online gaming for the last few days. Have you been outside in the real world (the real world. You know? It’s like a really long videogame, but less exciting unless your living the life of an oil baron billionaire. Oh, and it’s also in 3D, without the glasses), or have you just been getting stuck into some singleplayer games that you have neglected? Reading a book? Developing an extremely unhealthy addiction to online porn? I WANT TO KNOW!

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10 Responses to What Have You Been Doing During PSN Downtime?

  1. Golden says:

    So, I took the day off work on Tuesday to go get a new TV stand and a few other bits and pieces. Got it set up and it’s totally transformed the room and mean that I actually have more space now with a bit of furniture rearranging.

    Been playing through Half Life 2, I bought it last year sometime and barely touched it so I decided yesterday to get stuck into that. It’s a great game and some parts really make you stand back and think ‘hmmm, now how am I gonna get past this bit’. Also, the new TV stand has given me somewhere to properly put my PS2, so I’ve been playing a bit of Gran Turismo 4 and GTA Vice City for the first time in a while.

    Finally, been out enjoying the small bit of good weather that we have had, drinking cold cans of cider on warm, sunny evenings, the stuff dreams are made of!

  2. Hendrik says:

    I’m enjoying the weather also, drinking beer and working on a old chevrolet scottsdale (restoration project from my brother in law)

    Oh and my laptop died a week ago so I have ordered a new one yesterday (Sony VAIO F series) fully configured to my needs 🙂

    Tonight I’m having a bbq so I won’t be bored.

    Also heard that the PSN problems are caused by hackers.

  3. Sam caini1 says:

    Played a little flashpoint redriver also some rainbow six Vegas with my bro watched some people doing bunji jumping at my local pub to expensive for me at least that was my excuse.Found I do in fact have an addiction to most of the above lol.. And enjoying the sun dam it’s been hot just the excuse one needs to pick up a nice cold beer doh thats another addiction

  4. Fabe says:

    Didn’t know PSN was offline till last night.

    Started racking up Trophies. Deleted my Burnout Paradise saved data and started again since it wouldn’t update. Played GTA and MVC3.

    — Also [thumb’s up] Porn!!

  5. Anthony says:

    Been playing Dante’s Inferno. Helping my sister move and winning trophies like a slot machine.

  6. Muse83 says:

    Beach. Nuff said 🙂

  7. Anthony says:

    fuck your beach you son of a beach…haha see what i did there! Im miles and miles away from a beach so you can suck it!

  8. devney says:

    ive been playing a bit of red river and dragon age 2 whilst building a kennel for my new puppy and my terrier

  9. devney says:

    also ocasionally sitting in the freezer cus the heat is killing me

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