Brink – VG247 Footage

This post feels kind of inadequate in comparison to the BF3 12 Minute Post lol. But here’s something you could consider and a decent filler till BF3.


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7 Responses to Brink – VG247 Footage

  1. Sam caini1 says:

    So many games, so many games, oh did I say so many games are coming out this year not a complaint but a hand full and a headache when it comes to choosing what to buy if there are a few of us into this game I will buy it but I’m looking forward for the 21/04/11 as flash point red river is out and I have already preorded it lol..and if they have improved on the 1st it should be yet another killer game for 2011 hope I’m not the only one interested in this title.Any way the man talking about brink and the multi player aspect.He has all most sold it to me?

  2. Fabe says:

    Yeah i was thinking of changing our clan tag to [BRK] since the majority of us will ne BROKE by the time 2012 hits lol.

    Oridinally there was alot of Brink related footage posted on our Brink Blog but i shut it down. It’s gonna be a fun game.

  3. Hendrik says:

    Aka the Visoreds…

  4. Golden says:

    I may not actually be picking this up, at least not on release day anyway. There has been a few other things that I’ve have to spend my money on that, and I’ve went a bit overboard on spending the last few months buying 3DS and other stuff.

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