An Interview With… Oscarthegrouch71

1. Oscar! OSCAR!… The Grouch… Why that PSN name?
Cos I live in a dustbin and have a short temper…… no seriously….. used to be a miserable, grumpy sod at school so became my nickname and has stuck. Was known as Chicaboo too cos of my initials (CB) – if anyone knows what a chicaboo is then you are as old as I am……

2. Before [IHS] weren’t you in [MP]? What’s MP mean? o_o

Yes I was….. [MP] stands for Mamas & Papas. They are a US based clan for parent gamers who have to fit their gaming needs around family life. Unfortunately with most of them being in the US the time difference was an issue and it didn’t really work out. I had you (Fabe) on my friends list through BFF and the rest as they say is history……. Loving iHS 🙂
Fabe: Ohhhh! Ok. [nods repeatedly]

3. So what’s your real name?

My real name is Carl…… I prefer to be called Oscar when gaming though

4. Don’t you hate it when you’re playing BC2 right, and you’re out of ammo [no friends online] and the Assault in your squad refuses to drop Ammo for you. You have to empty a whole clip of your pistol into the side of his head just for him to turn around and look at you like: O_O… Then run away. WTF MAN?!

Hate playing with squadmates and smurfs that do that!!!  I usually end up following them around and make as much noise as possible til they get killed, pick up their kit and resupply myself (if I live that long)

5. Any bad habits?

Too many to list here…… rage quitting and not talking enough, although I am getting better  😉

6 (part I). I think all in all I have killed alot of my team-mates by excuting my crazy plans. For example:

[SQUAD: KingJBlaze (Me), Allenxxl, Laney, ROHALIENT]
(Me) “Guys, I got an idea! Follow me”
Allen: Ok Blaze
[Everyone jumps into a Humvee]
Me: [Jumps out]
[Humvee: KA-BooBoom!!]
Me:Jump Out now!
Allen: X_X
Laney: X_X
Rohalient: X_X
Me: o_o… >_> …. <_< [crouch…tea-bag]

6 (part II). My question is: Would you trust me?
Of course I trust you 🙂   …… what goods a game if you can’t have fun and do crazy things?? I used to game a lot with a couple of guys from Manchester and we used to get up to all sorts…. clay pigeon shooting with AT mines was fun…..
Fabe: o_o — Wow you really are a trusting fo… I mean ‘Yay! Trust & Teamwork!’ [High-five]

7. Had enough yet?

Not yet…. bring it on

8. ASK YOURSELF A QUESTION! GO!!… [Drinks tea]

– What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW??

“Big Balls” by AC/DC – classic song with genius lyrics. Always makes me laugh when I hear it. Not as funny as “A Lapdance is Always Better when the Stripper is Crying” though.
Fabe: Ah AC/DC, an Australian rock band, formed in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Although the band is commonly classified as hard rock and are considered pioneers of heavy metal,[1][2] they have always… , Wikipedia General fan knowledge o_o

9. What game are you most anticipating?

BF3 is top of my list.. you may twist my arm on Brink as well 😉
Fabe: Alright then [Grabs your head – Fierce Twist] *SNAP!* [THUD!]…
Wait… was that head or?! [Reads Answer…. ‘twist my arm…’] … Shit.
>_> …. <_< [Crouch…tea-bag]

10. What do you like to do in your free time?

Gaming obviously. Also I like to take electronics apart and fix them. Read, sleep, watch my kids play football……. am thinking of trying home brewing – how about a team iHS beer??
Fabe: [Jamaican patois (Patwa)] Nah nah bredrin, mi nah drink ya know. Likkle more (See ya later) [Leaves]

11. Check this idea out aight? Whaddup you think ’bout dis? Dem iHS US Vs. iHS Europe friendly match? Word!… Ya get me doe.

Love the idea and would definitely be up for it. Might actually make a start on my Et Tu Brute trophy at last…….
Fabe: Safe blud!

12. Make up your own backronym for iHS? (make up your own meaning for the letters I, H and S)

Inelegant Headgear Society

13. If you could take anyones tags from the team who would it be? And why?

Titelles would be top of my list as he seems to take far too much pleasure in killing me……. failing that, yours  😉
Fabe: KingJBlaze < Combat knife > oscarthegrouch71Sorry what was you saying?

14. Name your personal iHS squad?

Me, KingJBlaze, Laney and Ramesses

15. We really shouldn’t encourage BC2, it’s abit slow. I mean special. You know; When we we win a game “Haha Your Team Lost [Victory music plays].

“BC2! Put that crayon down! Don’t you dare eat th… Ooh don’t you dar… I’m warning you!”
[BC2: Munch! Chew]
“Ah FFS! >_<“
BC2 is a great game……. best game of the last 5 years IMO have yet to get bored of it….. had a brief flirtation with Black Ops but soon saw the error of my ways   >_<

16. Name the first 3 things you would do if you became a Billionaire.
Retire……….go on permanent vacation………..die happy

17. What is your favourite Class and weapon combination in BC2?
Assault – XM8 / GL / 4x scope / LW pack / Improved warhead / Grach

18. Any plans to attend the 2011 EuroGamer Expo this September?
Not this year 😦  …… hoping to next year though 🙂

19. What colour would you have liked our Brink clan uniform to be?
Leopard skin catsuit …….. did I say that out loud??? >_<
Fabe: The hell…!

20. If you was the organiser of an iHS event, where we’d all meet up, what would you organise? (The event could be as small or a big as you want it to be)
Would have to be a week long heavy metal beach party on a Caribbean island

21. Any Shoutouts?

My wife & kids, all at team iHS, Blueunit and Newbster tha mancs and OO the Rock god…..
Fabe oscarthegrouch71: Oh yeah and how could I forget KingJBlaze, man he’s so awesome, he’s just so damn cool. I wish I could be like him.

Fabe: Aww [embarrassed, waves it off] Come on now, hehehe, There’s no need.


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7 Responses to An Interview With… Oscarthegrouch71

  1. Hendrik says:

    Love catsuits…if you wear that in-game your ass is mine!

  2. allenxxl says:

    cat suit, thats as bad as pink ones dude come on

  3. Golden says:

    Hey Oscar, I like the cut of your jib, hows about we combine your leopard catsuit, and my pink uniform for our BRINK colours and kick ass, screw the haters *starts singing ‘I am what I am’ by Gloria Gaynor*

    Oh, and I’ll take some Scrumpy when ya start up the brewery. We could even call it iHS: Instant Headache Scrumpy! That’s some marketing gold right there!

  4. Fabe says:

    Friggin’ Alcoholics!!!

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