Clan Match Review

I thought i would post something i was told by a fellow team member.

If half the attack force is Sniper class you can’t win, i heard one team member say “i’m not going down there in case i get knifed”. [So] Four attackers against Nine defenders and at the same time bitch about what other people were doing or not doing.

Rightly so we got our arses well and truly handed to us. They [BFF] are not better players just better organised.

We had only two players score more than 2,000 points when attacking and only one above 1,000 by the time i left. I know it’s fun and abit of pride but we played like noobs.

Can’t get any more real than that critique.

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28 Responses to Clan Match Review

  1. Fabe says:

    Maybe it’s the lack of experience in clan based matches but you cant be afraid go get stuck in… Maybe get your tags taken… Or a 40mm to the face.

    But whatever squad this team member was in they weren’t impressrd huh.

    Certain points i saw afew people clumped together and i was like… They need to organise better than that.
    There was 8 of us shoulda been only if any two Snipers one from each i guess. Again; if any.

    At one point Hendrik was on the VADs (he was in another squad), i shot at him and urned towards to objective afew times. Lol i understood and we rolled out.

    Lol ah well next time we’ll mix squads abit differently.

  2. Sam caini1 says:

    I think we just need to have a few more matches like this one and like you said mix up the squads so we all can get used to playing with each other and we defently need to all be communicating with each other ( mic’s ) is a must but it is just fun so let’s not lose that but it would be really good to hand them there arses on a plate that’s my take on things but we can all up our game as the talent is there in every one I have played with we just need more online play time together

  3. Fabe says:

    We all need a way to communicate off of PSN. Golden suggested Skype.

    • Hendrik says:

      I must say that I play best when I’m alone and not using the mic that’s because Í’m more focused that way.

      Also the communication is a bit a struggle for me sometimes, I don’t always understand what is said and so on.

      For the rest it was fun but I’m not supprised about this reaction due to the fact we don’t play like this often…

      Training is the key to victory.

  4. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Last night was my first clan match experience against BFF. It was clear to me that they play a lot together and constantly communicate with each other – no matter what flanking route I chose to take to an objective there always seemed to be somebody there waiting for me. My own observations (which should not be taken personally by anyone) are that there was little in the way of spotting as I rarely saw red triangles appear and for the squad I ultimately joined a lot of running long distances to the objective as all vehicles had been taken and abandoned so wouldn’t respawn at our base.

    I only managed to get in for two rounds (Atacama) just before Blaze left. Eventually my two squadmates quit and I was left on my own and unable to join another squad due to BC2 crappy matchmaking. So I too left.

    Maybe some private squad rush matches would be a good idea to improve communication and calling out, which is something I admit I need to work on, and would also help with trying different tactics to see what works and what doesn’t. Also, do we have a good pilot?

    Just my penny’s worth. Feel free to ignore, reply, put me in my place……

  5. Hendrik says:

    I can fly the huey in Vietnam as riding my bike….

  6. Ramesses says:

    Yeah, we played pretty badly in the first couple of games and BFF are well organised, especially in defence. But I was quite happy with my squad, they were all pushing forward well in attack, and I think we even eked out a win in Atacama. When you’ve got two squads in the same team its a shame you can’t comunicate between the two. It would help to know what the other is doing.

    They were also far more effective when using vehicles and always seemed to have engineers supporting their tanks,which made them bloody hard to take out. and helicopters? oh how i hate helicopers in this game, (unless im in one of course) are always difficult to defend.

    I will get a new mic by the wknd if it will keep fabe happy!:)

  7. Fabe says:

    The original members of iHS are very organised but not everyone has played games with anyone else.

    There was alot of spotting though as soon as they got spotted my squad put em down. Next time im gonna split teams.

    Also i got disconnected yesterday, hopefully no one got kicked.

    • dv8r1970 says:

      That was my first clan match with iHS at val parisio (spelt wrong?) and it left me wondering WTF have i got into. iHS has some very talented players but does not have a very talented team, maybe we need structure and more practice playing together and definitely better communication. At one stage I went to spawn and discovered all my team mates in the lighthouse with 1 other member from another squad, so i spawned back at the base to see our bradley been driven away by the BFF and get road killed by it in the process. I didn’t think there was any special about BFF but they covered their bases when defending and attacked in numbers. Maybe try a couple of different formats like death match or conquest,with rush being the ultimate squad game , we could practice working together on the other formats. deathmatch = working together , spotting . conquest = taking an objective and defending it and supporting one another, spotting. rush = death match + conquest = iHS being a team to be reckoned with. I’ll shut up now.

  8. Muse83 says:

    To follow on from what Fabe said about mixing teams, everyone has their own style with it’s inherrent strengths and weaknesses. If all players gave an honest appraisal of their play and preferences then maybe we could construct some effective squads that accomodated these. This would also get us used to playing with our squad mates and improve our team play overall.

    A few points about myself:

    Class:Assault 80%, Recon 10%, Medic 5%, Engineer 5%

  9. Muse83 says:

    Sorry pressed the update button by mistake 🙂

    Weapons: AN94 / G3 (depending on the need for c4) always with 4x + Mag ammo or Gol sniper magnum for Recon

    I prefer to engage at mid to long range hence the 4x scope – I always seem to lose up close when its fastest connection wins.

    When attacking I usually cover my teammates as they arm objectives and then keep enemies from disarming

    When defending usually take up poisitons where I can either cover enemy approaches or objectives.

    I like using emplaced weapons.

    I need to spot more.

    I’m done, NEXT:)

  10. Fabe says:

    “iHS has some very talented players but does not have a very talented team”

    So are you guys telling me like 95% comes from me?! – Get the fuck outta here lol.
    I can 40mm a flea off of the top of the Lighthouse in Valparaiso. I’m friggin ACCURATE!

    My problem is hesitate alot.
    Can’t hit choppers.

    Recently have been alternating between long distance and close quarters combat.

    But that’s due to a lack of FPS. BC2 was the first FPS I’ve played [since Goldeneye].

    I’ve been using Engineer and Recon alot lately…
    Shotgun Attachment is doing it right now.

    Assualt 50%
    Engineer 30%
    Recon 15%
    Medic 5%

  11. Golden says:

    Hello, My name is Golden and I’m an alcoholic…

    Oh, sorry, wrong meeting!

    Yeah, I think Muse has a good idea, everyone post their preferred load outs and we can work from there when dividing up squads for clan matches.

    So, I’m mainly an assault player, but this depends PURELY on a map to map basis, and even sometimes depending what section of the map we are on.

    For example, 1st and 2nd base defending on Atacama Arica Harbour I will almost 100% play Engineer, keeping our tanks up by sitting behind them repairing, and taking down the Attackers tanks with my trusty RPG and unloading a few rounds of my G3/9A91 up their asses. But for the rest of the game I’ll usually play Assault, sometimes Medic.

    As a short to mid range player I’m a red dot guy as apposed to Muse’s 4x. I’m not a C4 guy cus I’m one of the few people that loves, loves, LOVES to smoke… 40mm smoke that is, calm down Darkflow!If the map contains a lot of crates that aren’t in destructible buildings I’ll usually use smoke to cover the arming/disarming of them.

    I don’t have a preferred weapon, I’m just trying to platinum as many as possible, but if you had to really twist my arm I’d say AN94/M416, but I’m getting used to the awesomesness of the M16 lately.

    So I guess this is roughly what I play:

    85% Assault
    10% Medic
    4% Engineer
    1% Recon.

    I don’t play Rrecon 1) Because I suck donkey dick at sniping, and 2) Playing recon the other way (eg: with a shotgun or something similar) just doesn’t feel comfortable to me. So yeah, you will rarely see me rockin’ Recon.

    As there’s next to no structure or anything in those last few paragraphs I think I’ll finish up before I start rambling!

    Good points:
    Heavy smoker, 40(mm) a day!
    Ammo/Med pack dropper.
    Tank fixer upper
    Soldier fixer upper
    Mic user

    Bad points:
    Rarely on, I might not be on for weeks at a time, but I do have other things to do.
    I curse… a lot. I know that gets on peoples nerves but I just can’t help it!

  12. dv8r1970 says:

    In normal game mode i would be assault m416 or an 94 .. my two fav guns, my stats will show that. At the mo i play deathmatch hardcore , i find it more fun not knowing where the enemy is and you can kill the enemy with shit ( can i use shit , no! ok) crap guns like t88 and pp2000. so assault would be my best followed by recon then engineer and medic would be my worst ( coz i dont like sick people )… ps i was drinking when i typed this….. pps kill em all

  13. allenxxl says:

    im almost always assault, with a saiga and m1911, but sometimes i’ll run with an m16a2 and wont run medic at all hate the lmgs. will always drop ammo for my m8s when they need it. oh and cant wait for another crack at butt fuckers forever they made us look completly stupid. i was only on for a few minutes my girl came home and was talking my ears off sorry for the early bail out guys and we do need to get all the guys playing with diffrent guys so we learn everyones style of play i dont hesiate to run in blazing my saiga so i do die alot but i get those m coms armed often that way peace out guys

  14. caini1 says:

    I play mainly medic with MG36 with med kit extra rang & it should in thery boost the effective rang of all our teams med packs but like golden says I do change my class acording to the map we are on like if there are alot of vehicles I will be the trusted enginer with tracer dart UMP 45 and RPG so I can get them dam helicopters but if there is no one on assalt on our team I would usaly take up this role as every one needs ammo and one of the things I have learnd to do is before I shoot someone I Press select and Highlight them that way if they get me first they will also be dancing with the devil as one of the team can send them down.

  15. oscarthegrouch71 says:

    Assault 50%
    Engineer 25%
    Medic 20%
    Recon 5%

    I tend to be the guy who changes kit depending on the circumstances and what others are running to fill a gap (Does this make me a jack of all trades but master of none I wonder?). I like to engage targets at medium range as I have a slow connection and rarely win close combat unless running with a shotty.

    I have has some success sneaking around on the flanks and providing a spawn behind behind the enemy defence line. I spot a lot before attempting to engage the enemy.

    I do need to be more vocal and tend to get quieter if things are going badly which I know I shouldn’t do…..

    What are your feelings on squad balance ? Personally i think the following is a good balanced squad for Rush:

    Assault with AR and GL/smoke
    Assault with all kit weapon/C4
    Recon with 4x scope/mortar
    Medic with LMG/Tracer

    Switch one Assault for Engineer on vehicle maps with SMG/RPG

    Any thoughts…..??

  16. Hendrik says:

    I’m also the guy wich changes it’s kit on the circumstances.

    Flanking and taking the enemy from behind(lol)
    is my favorite strategy.

    I can’t really give a selection of my favorite kit as I switch a lot between weapons depending on level and situation.

    I still need to work on teamwork and communication as I easily take my own route.

    ( Well I got Fabe to assist me….shoot me in the head..Ping Ping Ping…wrong way!)

    Medic: 50%
    Assault: 30%
    recon: 10%

  17. Muse83 says:

    Good group therapy session people 🙂

    Anyway, as we can see we have solid core of medics and mid range assault classes with some Reccys and Engys thrown in. There are plenty of people who flex up to the situation and if they communicate that then we should end up with some balanced teams. The endangered species seems to be the ‘suicide bomber’ with only allenxxl commiting to it. This is probably the most important aspect and, again, with communication we should be able to get players rushing the objective when needed and with the correct amount of support.

    Sorry if this all sounds a bit hardcore but this is only meant for when it counts as no one likes having their ass handed to them 🙂

    Death to the BFF

  18. darkflow89 says:

    I can’t fly and I am shit driving tanks.
    I only drive tanks if no one else is. I also like taking choppers down with my trusty RPG or a sneaky stationary kill.

    It takes me time to warm up in a game so apologies if i’m a bit rusty at most.

    I like Recon with G3 in tight spaces and Engineer with either G3 or UMP in big maps like Harvest day and Atacama. I like all classes and I change depending on what is needed. Assault with An94 is one of my favorites.

    I have a mic but I don’t use it a lot. If you persuade me enough I might just give in lol
    I’ll try to use my mic as often as possible.

  19. Fabe says:

    Once the PSN is back up and running we’ll attempt to do alot more private matches. So be ready people.

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