An Interview With… Darkflow89

1. So how did you come up with your PSN username?
It’s from a study in astrophysics about the unknown force that pulls galaxy clusters in uniform speed between the constellation of Centaurus and Vela. They called it darkflow in tribute to other cosmic mysteries: dark matter and dark energy. I thought it’s quite fascinating.

2. For those of us that don’t know; What is your real name?
Razel, my friends call me Ray for short.

3. How does it feel to be one of two [iHS]-[FAK]’s (iHS Female Ass Kickers)?
Lol It is quite nice and overwhelming. Thanks for taking me in Fabe. ^_^
Fabe: No probs [Salutes]

– 4a) Do you have any plans to buy Brink and/or Battlefield 3 when it’s released?
I’ll definitely get Battlefield 3, Iā€™m not sure about Brink yet.– 4b) If yes, regular releases or Special/Limited editions (if any)?
Limited Edition for BF3 ^_^
Fabe: In response to 4a: o_o

5. Hmm… Five things you like to do in your spare time?
Sleep… and sleep some more…
Read (yes a bit geeky)
Listen to some eargasmic tunes
and… puff puff? ^_^

6. What do you drive?
I can’t drive šŸ˜¦ Lift anyone?

7. If you could have added one thing to BC2 what would it have been?
Bigger squads, the more the merrier.
Fabe: [WARNING! PRODUCT PLACEMENT]See that’s why you should get Brink 4 or 8 people in a squad/faction ;). Buy it in May!

8. Puff, puff, pass?
Indeed ^_^

9. Dub-Step, Old school Garage or Dance Music?!
I have to go for Dubstep. It is a genre where all the elements are just right, but of course Iā€™m talking about awesome producers like Tes la Rok, Distance, Benga, Skream (his old stuff) and I could go on and on and on… (wobble wobble)

10. Do you think you’ll be playing Video Games into your 50s?
I played Super Mario in NES as a young child, Counter Strike in my teenage years and PS3 in my 20’s.
So 50s 60s 70s until my dying age I’ll still be on the front line of gaming. I am very excited for the future of video games, Are you too? ^_^
Fabe: Yeah the future games will be awesome I mean if the government has taken over and the Illumin…. Nevermind I’ve said too much!

11. Make up your own backronym for iHS? (make up your own meaning for the letters I, H and S)
Hmmmm… Interstellar Humanoid Society?
Fabe: The effects of Weed.

12. If you could take anyone’s tags from the team who would it be? And why?
Ehem!… LANEY I think he got my tag twice in one game, revenge is due.
And Fabe since you are the first person I met in BC2.
Fabe: Hahahahaha…. o_o Bring it.

13. Don’t you hate it when you try to type something on your phone and the damn Auto Correct “Corrects you!” – Fabby becomes Faggy o_o?!
Lol, I never really notice the auto correct.
Fabe: [WARNING! WEBSITE ADVERTISING] Check out DYAC [] it’s hilarious! šŸ˜‰

14. If you were Admin of this site what would you add?
My overused brain is not functioning well at the moment so i’ll get back to you when I think of something.
Fabe: The effects of Weed.

15. Ideal BC2 squad? [NO PRESSURE! o_o]
It is always fun to play with Laney, Fabe and Rameses. Although I wouldn’t mind a squad full of ass kicking ladies like myself LOL ^_^
Fabe: Well there is QueenXD but she’s not online much since she became Rank 50. Also… (Here’s Ā£50 for adding me to the sqaud)…. MOVING ON!

16. McD’s or the BK Lounge [McDonalds vs Burger King]?
Neither. Long queues, noisy and corporate monsters.

17. Bored yet?
Puff puff, want some? ^_^
Fabe: Funny enough I actually don’t smoke (anything) or drink… lol
[Straps up arm tight…. tap tap]… What? o_o

18. What colour would you have liked our Brink clan uniform to be
Maybe purple? I don’t really mind.

19. If you was the organiser of an iHS event, where we’d all meet up, what would you organise? (The event could be as small or a big as you want it to be)
House party with good music. Nice and simple. J

20. Why don’t you be a nice big sister and buy your little brother [samurai_mugen] a ps3 so you can both be on the PS3 at the same time. ^_^
Lol i’ll think about it. If I play a match with samurai_mugen, i’m sure he’ll kick my ass easily šŸ˜¦

21. Would you contribute to the [iHS] 2011 Fund;
Dot Org o_o
Haha, why not?
Fabe: Awesome! [Tears in eyes] – Thank you~

22. Any Shoutouts? (Family, Friends, PSN peeps?)
My little bro samurai_mugen, I promise to buy you a PS3 if you continue to watch anime, learn photoshop and amuse your moody sister from time to time DEAL?

To my boyfriend Funktipuss thank you for reintroducing me to FPS, and Ch1n1t0 from Philippines.


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9 Responses to An Interview With… Darkflow89

  1. Anthony says:

    Lol The effects of weed. Funny stuff…..

  2. Hendrik says:

    …..the unknown force that pulls galaxy clusters………what???

  3. Muse83 says:

    Makes sense to me…..

  4. Fabe says:

    Lol Razel is deep.

  5. darkflow89 says:

    haha It’s mind-boggling stuff, I could hardly grasp the concept.

    • Golden says:

      Jesus, I had no idea Darkflow was a girl!

      *Must. Resist. Making. Sexual. Comment….*

      SHOW UZ UR BEWBS!!1!

      *God damn it*

      Ahem, apologies!

      Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever played with Darkflow, in fact there’s a few iHS members that I don’t think I’ve played with, or played with very little, I’m gonna have to start expanding my iHS horizons!

      Oh, and Darkflow, you sound like you’d be into a book I’m reading at the minute, ‘The New Rulers of the World’, it’s by John Pilger, well worth checking out.

      And Funktipuss is an awesome name!

      • darkflow89 says:

        Haha it’s indeed a great name. My bf likes GTA San Andreas and he got the name from Bounce FM when George Clinton called himself a Funktipus.
        All hail to Classic Funk!

        I think I’ve played with you before but very briefly. I’ll certainly check that book out. Anything else that you would recommend to read just let us know. ^_^

  6. Hendrik says:

    LMAO… Shit Golden you make me piss my pants…lol

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