BRINK Abilities Trailer

No comment needed on this one…LoL


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8 Responses to BRINK Abilities Trailer

  1. Sam caini1 says:

    So is this the first off brink or is this a sequel and if so was the first any good

  2. Hendrik says:

    This will be the first.

  3. Fabe says:

    Bring the fucking game out!

  4. Muse83 says:

    Just from what I’ve gathered watching the numerous trailers, the levels all seem quite tight with ‘Urban warfare’ definitely the trend.
    Not sure how this is going to sit with my FPS style, I’m all about mid to long range with accurate assault rifles or LMG’s. Shotguns and SMG’s seem to be working best on Brink.

    • Hendrik says:

      Here’s what I know concerning snipers:

      here are some quotes from Richard Ham, Creative Director at Splash Damage –

      “We don’t have any really hardcore sniping in this game. There is a more accurate rifle that fires a bit slower, but the whole sniper alley thing just isn’t enough fun for enough players.”

      “There won’t be any snipers poppin’ headshots from 2 miles down the road…When you and I are killing each other, I can see the whites of your eyes.”

      “…we just want to have a level of intensity, where it’s very, very fast, and you don’t have to go very far before you’re right up against the enemy.”

      Forum Post by Rahdo (Ham)

      “By default, no gun is powerful enough to kill anyone with one bullet. BUT, there are in-game upgrades to temporarily increase the power of the gun, and equally, there are upgrades to increase the length of one’s life meter. So there’s kind of an escalating arms race of weapon power vs. life power that helps ensure that every encounter is unique, and the tide of battle can turn at any moment.”

      I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t an actual “sniper rifle” in this game, just scoped assault rifles, which I absolutley love since there are only a handful of actual ‘good’ snipers, and a lot of, “I play sniper cause it’s cool,” players, or campers that don’t contribute to the objective and just rack up kills for their K/D ratio.

      In one of the first trailers of BRINK you can see a sniper at work.

  5. Hendrik says:

    this is what I mean….but it’s just a trailer

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