The Clans Future (So Far)

What’s happening [iHS] I have been wondering if were ever going to compete in any type of clan battle. We seem to have the numbers and the talent, but do we have what it takes? That’s up to you. I might have sone ideas where we can provoke such a thing we could start on KZ3, brink, socom(if atleast 5 ppl get it), marvel vs capcom, starcraft2(if Any one has it lol), shift unleashed 2 or crysis2. Think about it, and if you happen to get a fish on your hook don’t hold back on the rest of us. SHARE! Have a good day [iHS]

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15 Responses to The Clans Future (So Far)

  1. allenxxl says:

    all the other clans to scared we be beasting

  2. Hendrik says:

    Lol…I think we first have to proof that.
    We could start a private clan match maybe on BFBC2 or so.

    Most of the members I have on my friends list I have never played with.

    • Fabe says:

      I did a private clan match yesterday.

      Everytime we have a match somewhat organised, it falls through.

      Whoever wants Clan Matches organise it, the majority of people from what i gather aren’t interested in Clan Matches. It seems that way since no one requests any.

      But if that’s not the case then feel free to gather opponents. We’re quite active.

      • Hendrik says:

        Yes I know m8 but then I didn’t have time.

        It’s pretty hard trying to organise it.
        You (Fabe) tried several times, last time with Muse also failed.

        I’m always interested in Clan matches if the time is right and so on.

        So what you did yesterday (private clan match)
        is a good thing (to meet each other and play together).

        But my problem is mostly the time so organising clanmatches will be a struggle.

  3. Hendrik says:

    What are your ideas Rogue????

  4. Golden says:

    You know, I quite like the clan the way it is, super relaxed and just focused on having fun. I think if we started getting into proper clan matches all the time it would become more of a chore.

    The way it is now feels like a group of mates gathering for a few hours of good old fashioned shooty shooty pew pew fun, and I wouldn’t want to lose that.

    That’s not to say we flat out shouldn’t do clan matches though.

  5. Anthony says:

    I third the statement by Golden. but i agree we should start clan matches more often. Especially against people who wanna try and start SHHIITTTTT.

  6. Fabe says:

    Kris basically explained what [iHS] is about. Attempting to play BC2 [for example] with Smurfs can be annoying so a buch of friends [or PSN friends, however you want to see it] makes multiplayer fun. More so.

    But like I said if you guys want Clan Matches; organise them. Whether it’s 12 v 12 or just whoever’s on PSN at the time lol.

  7. Anthony says:

    Only problem is when I’m usually on no one in iHS is ever on because of time difference…..So it’s like the few US members against other ppl.

  8. devney says:

    prehaps we you could just start by having days assighned to certain games un then when everyone gets use to that then starting to organise matches for the days assigned to those games

  9. allenxxl says:

    got a guy with the psn name coldbeer running his mouth wanting a battle, me anthony butterbean and that guy j rapped him and his guys for about 2 hours str8 the other night he wants more so we gonna try and set up a time will let everyone know when and such if anyone else wants in on it. he is a level 50 and i tagged his ass about 3 or 4 times so he is just mouth just wanna shut it up for him. oh and would love to get a 12 vs 12 against those SOD bitches they talk to much shit 2

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