Worth The Hype?

Since we hit 2011, quite afew games have been released. So… Out of all of the first-person-shooters so far; Which one was worth the hype?

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15 Responses to Worth The Hype?

  1. Anthony says:

    Killzone 3. My favorite so far…..well until Novenmber atleast ^_^

  2. Golden says:

    None so far, I was let down by Killzone 3 to be honest. Pretty much every shooter since I picked up BC2 in March last year has been a disappointment, I just keep going back to BC2 cause it’s such a well balanced and thought out game.

    I’m just praying Brink isn’t a let down, I may leave it a week or so to pick it up to see what the rest of iHS think, let you guys be the guinea pigs lol!

    • Fabe says:

      Crysis 2 [for me] is definitely not worth it at all. I wanna sell it.

      The only game that was worth it so far was Bulletstorm, and soon to be Brink.


  3. Muse83 says:

    It’s a shame listening to all the failures. Is it possible that the BC/BF series are soooo good that they have ruined all other FPS’ for ever!!!!!!

    Discuss 🙂

    • Fabe says:

      @Lee It would seem so lol. Everyone likes co-op and BC2 is the ultimate co-op/teamwork game. But Brink has better team play the BC2.

      Bulletstorm. I’d advise everyone to get it, alot of fun.

    • darkflow89 says:

      I bought my ps3 because of BC2 😀

    • Golden says:

      I have to agree with Muse, every game just seems to be ‘meh’ when held up against BC2.

      Between 3 PSN accounts I think I’ve put in around 250 hours into that game, and I still haven’t reached level 50 on my main account. Well worth the initial £40 I paid for the game way back in March last year!

    • allenxxl says:


  4. Hendrik says:

    Worth the wait….

    Dead Space 2 for sure! waiting for Dead Space 3 already.

  5. Sam says:

    I would have to say that killzone 3 has been the best all round game for me in 2011 as I have most of the other titles home front campaign is to short I have yet to finish bullitstorm & crisis 2 to comment fully but I think the next flashpoint will be good or battlefield 3 or even ghost recon future solider and many more I’m sure but I hope that answers you’re question for 2011

  6. Sam says:

    Sam is caini1
    Sorry I should have not put my name as many of you would not know who it was lol

  7. allenxxl says:

    BF3 and BRINK cant wait to start killing em on those two KZ3 is an alright game campaign is epic on it but multi player can really piss u off alot with the cloaks and such its not BC2 but its an alright change of pace for when u get tired of owning everyone on BC2

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