My Question is: Will anyone in our team be buying it?
Oh by the way, the button layout is COD style.


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10 Responses to Homefront

  1. Hendrik says:

    Yes, already buyed and completed it on singleplayer (it’s not a long campaign)
    Controls are indeed CoD style, but this game feels different and I’m having fun with playing the multiplayer.

    see the review of IGN.


  2. caini1 says:

    Yes I have preordered from game so I should get it one day before the release date in the UK I do this for most of the games…

  3. Golden says:

    nope, too many games to play/coming soon to pick this up, may rent it in a few months

  4. Hendrik says:

    As a real fan of FPS shooters, I couldn’t leave this one alone…lol

  5. Hendrik says:

    uhh alone…I mean couldn’t skip this one…lol

  6. KingJBlaze says:


    I wasn’t 100% sure whether to get it or not. Crysis it abit too Halo for me and I haven’t tried Homefront yet.

  7. caini1 says:

    I was playing this yesterday and tried to play with Hendrick on the multiplayer but it just freezes youre ps3 but if they sort this issue out it is very playable.And the campaign is a short one it took me about three & half hours to complete

    • Hendrik says:

      @Caini1 Kaos studios has created a patch released yesterday.

      THQ and Kaos are committed to supporting Homefront post-launch, and we are actively investigating all reported bugs and issues. We have already dramatically increased server capacity to meet the unprecedented demand, which is addressing many of the connection issues we saw yesterday. Our data shows that that the vast majority of Homefront players are enjoying multiplayer without issue, however we are tracking and addressing a number of known issues on both PS3 and 360.

      This is what we’re doing right now:


      We have a patch going live this evening at 17.00 PST / 20.00 EST / 24.00 GMT. This will include:
      • Fixes for intermittent problems accepting friend invites and joining friends’ games
      • Several fixes for reported freezes
      • Fixes related to joining matches, round transitions, and proper behavior on the match recap screen
      • Additional bug fixes, including inaccuracies in ping meter, and player hosted servers not properly pulling score/time limit settings
      For those of you experiencing difficulties with PS3, this update should make a significant difference.

  8. Muse83 says:

    STILL undecided on this one, I can see good and bad things. The one concern I have is that the battle points seem to be very similar to kill streaks – if you get a good start then the effect will snowball and one player will destroy all and most others will just get their butts kicked. The whole thing is very ‘one up’ on MW2.

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